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Youtube views hack

If you have just registered on YouTube and your main aim is to promote your channel here, you are probably the person who’s searching for an apk or a website that would allow you to download free views for your videos.

However, no matter if you’re searching for them online using your mac or your smartphone, you won’t be able to find any that would be safe and efficient all at the same time. Some people claim that you can use a certain app or a website and that it would help you to reach results in promoting your channel.

But the truth is — if you want something good. You have to pay for it. There will be no chance for you to gain quality views if you’re planning on using some kind of hack or service that works “for free”.

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First of all, none of them actually work for free. Yes, some websites that offer to buy YouTube views might have free trials that include 50 to 100 unpaid plays, but that’s it.

If you see a webpage that offers you thousands of free plays for YouTube, get away from it. It is probably going to be unsafe for you and your channel and it is going to leave you worse than you were before that “promotion”.

Yes, it is very tempting to be able to get something for free, but you’re going to feel very sorry about this decision later, so we’d recommend you thinking about your promotion in a more professional way. 

If you’re a beginner vlogger, make sure that you have figured out your audience decently. Who they are? What type of content do they want to see on your channel? How can you interact with them? What’s the additional worth of your content and how can you make it unique?

All of these questions have to be answered before you proceed to planning the paid promotion that will be able to give your channel a real boost. If that’s unclear, nothing good and efficient will happen as you are not going to understand which services you should take on and in what amounts. 

How to hack YouTube views

Bad news is that hacking views on YouTube video is not possible: you can take on fake bot views that are almost free, but that can get you into the shadow ban that’s present on each social media today.

Because of it, real people will stop seeing your videos in their recommendations. We don’t think that anybody might want that. But what can you do to still support your content but do it safely?

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As we have mentioned, you can buy YouTube views, but there is a big difference in what kind of plays you’re buying.

When you want to make your channel thrive, you have to be sure that you’re purchasing genuine ones — they have to come from actual people who use YouTube as their favorite platform daily and who are keen on working with a promo company to help creators make their channels grow.

They usually do it for a nice reward, so you shouldn’t be worried that they get nothing in return for their kind services. But why is getting real plays important? It’s easy: when actual people come to your channel to validate your content, they might want to check it out in detail if they feel interested.

And that might give you something more than only views: they might want to leave you likes, commentaries and other signs of approval.

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