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Youtube views frozen

“My YouTube views are frozen! It’s been 300 views for days, I’ve been updating my page on YouTube for a thousand times, but nothing seems to change! How to fix it?” That’s probably what is rushing through your mind as you were searching for this page.

We’re here to support and calm you down: nothing terrible happens, and you just need to switch to some other task related to your channel. 

In fact , this is a fairly popular YouTube bug — if the views on your video are stuck at 300 or slightly higher, it means that it is being processed by the system. Yes, your subscribers and other people can see it, it’s just that the YouTube system needs a little more time to process the results for your content — and this should not scare you.

Every day this social network withstands enormous loads, thousands and hundreds of thousands of videos are uploaded here. Unsurprisingly, sometimes she needs a little more time and resources to make everything work properly.

300 Youtube views - Vip YT

The number 301 scares many beginners when they see that the number of plays is stuck at this value. It’s okay — just try to occupy yourself with something else. Everything will get better in just a few hours (it may take a day at most, but no more).

If you see that the number of views is stuck on some other figure, give this problem a couple of hours. If it is not allowed, you’d better contact tech support for help. 

Why views on YouTube is frozen

Now you know why are your YouTube views frozen — no need to update the page of the video endlessly, the problem will solve itself in a few hours. Better ask yourself a question: and will you be able to get as many views as you expect? If not, what can you do to help yourself?

It is quite possible that you already know the answer to this question: to make your life as a creator better, you can purchase a small booster: buy YouTube views that will help convince your new potential subscribers that you are worth being supported and watched regularly.

buy Youtube views - Vip YT

In the variety of today’s services for account promotion, it’s easy to find what you need: but make sure that you buy real views that will come to you from people who really use YouTube, and not from bots.

Because in the second case, you risk only harming your statistics and making everything worse than it was before. Bots will not be able to provide any support to your profile and will make it so that other people, seeing where the views come from, may feel distrust and disgust towards your content.

Also, YouTube’s algorithms will perceive your channel the same way they perceive bots. You should not risk your channel for cheap or free services — if you want results, you will have to invest either your time and effort or money.


How to prevent YouTube views from getting frozen?

Sadly, there is no such way. It is a YouTube bug that can be solved only by waiting for the tech team or the algorithms to work through it. 

Do views on YouTube still count when they are frozen?

Yes, the views still count when they are frozen. You will receive the update in a few hours.

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