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A chance to attain cheap, custom and real YouTube comments is a rare one and you should grab it when you can — but those won’t cost you $5, the price for thousands of those will be higher.

And the ones that are going to be not “fake”, but coming from real people will be even more relevant and expensive, and there is no wonder why those would be even harder to find and take on.

However, even though you might have already made a decision to purchase the commentaries, you should first make sure that there are no negative reviews coming from people who have previously bought the pack from a company that you’ve chosen.

This is super important, as negative reviews mean that this is not the best place to put your money in and this company probably somehow scams its clients. Although the reasons for bad reviews might be different, if there are many of them, look for another website to buy some notes for your clips.

Youtube comments - Vip YT

Real commentaries for the channel are going to look like decent ones if these don’t include any links in them and if those have some sentences written on the topic of the video.

And this is what only real people can provide; so if the company is using bots to deliver promo services, you’re risking getting thousands of notes filled with strange and dangerous links or a ton of emojis. That’s obvious to everybody — you’ve bought commentaries and you’ve got bot commentaries delivered.

It can destroy anybody’s reputation as a blogger and will lead to only the problems on the platform. YouTube might even ban you for a while until they figure out that you’re a living person. 

But what can you do if you need to get yourself some commentaries and you don’t want to wait for too long? Well, as we have said, there are companies that work with real people to deliver promo services — sure, their services will cost more than the bot ones.

But it will give you many benefits: you’ll be able to see real people coming to your videos, watching them and leaving notes for them; and yes, real people might fall into the interest in your clips and might even bring you some views as well.

Therefore, you’re getting not one, but two services — just because you’re getting living people coming to your page. And who knows, maybe they would want to become your subs as well?

Picture Youtube comments - Vip YT

So if you feel like your clips are lacking some notes under them, don’t hesitate and buy YouTube comments. But before doing that also make sure that you’re attaining quality ones, decently written and on theme of the clip. Otherwise, you’d have to delete them afterwards and weep for the money that you’ve spent on such a low quality support. 


How to buy comments for YouTube? 

Find a promo agency that sells real commentaries and choose the package that suits your account’s needs. If you don’t know where to start, don’t hesitate asking the manager for help.

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