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A thought about a chance to buy 500 or 1000 YouTube views must have crawled into your head if you’re a beginner blogger.

Or if you’re a blogger who has met a plateau — in cases like this it becomes extremely hard to get out of a situation, and no special tricks like live stream or authentic conversations with the audience don’t seem to help.

People feel overwhelmed and just don’t know what to do: they are ready to use any sum from their PayPal to fix the situation, but they still don’t know what and where to purchase. Can you take on 5000 YouTube plays without getting banned?

Is it even possible to do with credit card or do you need to use some other payment methods? Can you take on at least 100 monetizable plays for free or do you still have to pay $1 or $5 for them?

All of those questions are the instant ones that appear in the head of people who are desperately trying to save their channels. We’re going to give all the answers further.

Buy views - Vip YT

So, yes, today you can purchase whatever number of plays, all you need is to decide whether you want to gain them slow or bulk and what sum of money you’re ready to spend on that matter.

Targeted plays are going to be more expensive, and the more you’re going to buy, the better your ability to attract more people naturally should be. Organic followers should come to your page at the same time, as the bought subs are coming — otherwise there is going to be no use in such promotion.

You should work hard on generating quality content, while you’re purchasing the fake subs. A package will come to your channel, and then what? If you don’t work on your clips, nothing is going to happen. 

Buy real YouTube views 

The next important thing is that the views should be high retention and legit — it means, that they have to come from actual people who are using YouTube as an entertaining platform daily.

Shortly speaking, you need actual viewers — and if you’re looking through the review section of the website and you see that they’re using bots, you should look for another place to buy plays from. Plays from bots will bring harm to your channel and won’t bring any benefits at all. 

How to buy YouTube views 

If you want to take on safe and free YT plays, you can look for trials on the page of the company that offers real video plays for delivery. Your channel will gain 10 to 50 new plays and you will be able to spread them around — and that’s going to happen completely for free.

Get more Youtube views - Vip YT

On YouTube plays play a very important role, and if your clips have none of the views, people won’t want to watch them and you’ll have to figure out what to do.

And all of that is avoidable if you simply take on a trial, figure out the quality of shown services and then purchase the package with the plays that are going to fulfill all your needs. 

Best site to buy YouTube views 

We’d say that there is no best place where you could buy the bestest quality views — each website says that they are top-notch, but after several checks… it often turns out to be not quite so.

We can say that you can buy YouTube views that are going to be real and get good services here (check the link), but we cannot speak for any other resource. This one is checked and has a ton of positive reviews, you can find them on the website yourself. 

Buy cheap YouTube views 

Think about it: 1 million real YouTube plays should have an adequate price to them, as they are not that easy to deliver. They should be shipped fast and should not violate your safety — therefore, those just can’t be cheapest.

Look for the price that would be okay to you, but don’t think that $1 is an okay cost. It’s not. If something seemingly good has a low price, there is some catch behind it. 


Is it legal to buy views for YouTube? 

Yes, it is, but we would highly recommend you to take on real plays to make sure that you’re not drawing any unwanted attention from the technicians of this social media platform and not ruining your reputation.

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