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Have you ever been posting your video and thinking at the same time — wow, I could have got so much more real likes fast if I’d just buy them from this website that I’ve recently seen online… Yes, this thought must have been in your head if you’re trying to promote your clips.

And there is nothing bad about it — trust us, today’s big YouTube stars were buying 100, 1000 and more thumbs up to support their content. But where do you buy them for YouTube channel and is there the best place to do so?

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Different resources would recommend different instant and cheap websites that would deliver you any needed number of thumbs up, but we’re going to tell you what you should do to gain your first 10, 20 or 50 free thumbs up.

And yes, those won’t cost you even $1 — these are completely free. You see, there are companies that offer to buy YouTube likes, but before that, to make their clients sure in what they are doing, they are offering to take on free trial, that will show what type of services the company is delivering and if the quality is suitable for a client to continue working with them.

But even though these are free, they aren’t unlimited — real thumbs up cost money and those aren’t as easy to deliver as the bot generated ones. So you’ll be able to get only several dozens of them — and after that you’d have to decide.

Buy likes on YouTube 

So now you know how to take on free thumbs up for YouTube, but can you actually keep on gathering those free trials (thumbs up, comments, subs and all you need) without spending a cent on buying them?

Well, no; there are not so many agencies that offer free trial with real thumbs up — most of them are still bots. We have given you a clue about a place that sells real thumbs up (it’s in the link in the previous paragraph), but we cannot speak surely about other resources.

So if you want benefits only and no worries about safety or anything like that, you better follow that link and check out what that company offers. Trust us, their offer is one of the best ones on the Internet + they have a very pleasing system of discounts for novices and for advanced buyers of promo services.

Youtube likes - Vip YT

And yes, before buying anything like that, make sure to sit down and plan things ahead — how many thumbs up do you need, on what videos, when and why.

And don’t forget that the best results are usually reached when buying not the only one promo service, but when combining several ones of them to create that balanced and wholesome developed look of the page. Take care of your safety and good luck!


If you buy likes on YouTube can anyone see that? 

Only if you purchase thousands of fake thumbs up that will come to your channel overnight. If you’re buying real thumbs up in small portions, no one will be able to tell.

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