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How to disable likes on Youtube

There might be different reasons why you might want to disable likes on YouTube — some people want to keep certain information private, some just don’t want to compete with other people or let their audience express an opinion about their content in that way.

However, you should know that there is no button that would turn off likes on YouTube video page; but there is a possibility to make them private.

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No metrics can be disabled on YouTube such as on other social media. But this website gives its users an opportunity to make the information hidden if needed — to do so you should go to settings and find the privacy tab there.

There you will see several options for hiding certain parameters on your page, and of them is going to be a chance to discrete the number of thumbs up that you have for your video. But first, why would you want to do it? Do you have not so many in comparison to the number of views that you’ve been lucky to get? 

Some time ago it might have been a problem that needed a fix but didn’t have it, but today the sphere of online promotion is so big and offering that you’ll be able to find a decision without any problems.

The easiest one: to buy YouTube likes that will make your profile look more appealing and more experienced to other people. You can choose whichever number you need and stick to different types of subscriptions: for example, you could get all of the thumbs up for your videos once a month or you could get a delivery weekly.

Which option is better? It’s you to decide; but we’d say that for novices the weekly option is better. Plus, make sure that you’re buying from a service that gives you an opportunity to divide the thumbs up between several videos of yours, so each one of them would get enough support from the service. 

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Thumbs up really help with making a video look validated and interesting to others because of that; beforehand you’d have to wait for a long time until your content would start getting likes, and now you can skip that time by investing some money into your channel.

That’s totally fine by all the professionals who are running their channels for a long time — you think they got those first thousands of likes just because people loved them? It would be cool if this was true, but it is not: social media today is a very competitive sphere where you often need some help from the side to reach nice results.                       


Can you disable likes on YouTube?

No, you cannot disable them, but you can hide the number of thumbs up that you’ve got on the video. This is a new function that YouTube offers and for some users it might still be unavailable though.

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