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Any YouTube user who’s willing to develop their profile is always dreaming of getting free online software that would provide them with automatic fake views, thumbs up and followers — even if they are posting top-notch content this thought is staying at the back of their mind.

But no bot or download would provide you with these plays safely — those might be fake, those might be generated by bots and those can simply lead to data leakage and you stay with no money and no account.

Who wants that? That’s right, nobody; therefore, if you’re aiming at quality promotion and you don’t want your page to lose its reputation and its viewers, you should forget about that and start learning how to get additional paid plays for your videos safely and efficiently.

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It is possible, but you’d have to put in some money to see a pay off: just like with any other deal. To discover a company that sells such views, you will also have to spend some time.

Now it is very difficult to distinguish a fake fraudulent site from a real and decent one — people have learned to fake anything, and often they do not spare the time and effort to create a good platform that can fool anyone.

To save yourself from wasting money and other dangers, try to carefully study the reviews on the resource on third-party forums, ask your friends if they had a positive experience with such promotion and only then make a decision.

You should also know that free samples that contain 10 to 50 plays are fine, but if you are offered a huge pack with 1000 plays for free, there is definitely a catch here.

Let’s say you found such a company — what’s next? Buy several thousand views at once or wait for some time and distribute them into small portions? The second option is absolutely correct, because in real life there are extremely rare situations when such a huge number of subscribers can come to you in a few hours.

And if you value your reputation, it is better to try to make sure that users do not notice that you have done something to promote your page.

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A chance to buy YouTube views shouldn’t be neglected but it also shouldn’t be counted as a thing that’s going to save the day. Such a purchase will not save you from having to work on content every day and constantly think about what and when it will be best to release.

If you want everything to go well, you can use paid services as support, but the bulk of the work will still be on you, since only you are responsible for your image and the attitude of your old and new subscribers towards you.

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