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Can you see who views your Youtube videos

Can you see who views your videos on YouTube? Is there a possibility to scan who has watched your clips and make some type of conclusions out of it? How to tell if people are interested and that it’s not fakes who are coming to your page and bashing your statistics?

Well, if we are talking about YouTube, there is no possibility today to press on the word views that u can see under each one of your clips and see the names of people who have watched it.

But — if you are developing your account and you are taking care of the number of plays, you should know that there are analytics tools built into YouTube and you can easily see the distribution of your subs and spectators by age, gender and location.

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Any social media today offers such things as analytics, because people who are treating YouTube professionally desperately need the ability to see how good they are at it.

If you are one of these people, you will need the help of services that are able to wind up the number of subs, plays and thumbs up for your clips, and will also be able to analyze the amount and composition of your content.

Yes, such an analysis is really necessary and it is quite difficult to conduct it yourself, so such a service is a paid item that should not be deleted from your plan.

In fact, for high-quality promotion, it is not so necessary to know exactly who is reading you now and in what quantities — it is important to initially determine the target audience and track at what moments people are most often on YouTube.

There are whole articles devoted to this, there are different opinions of analysts, which you can read. Keep in mind what time zone your audience is in (it may not coincide with yours) and guess the time of publication.

Then you will start gaining more plays simply because people will see your video in their feed first. This is a simple life hack, which for some reason people often do not take into account.

And if there are not enough views? How to organize the profile promotion in such a way that it does not cause any doubts on the part of the existing audience and so that the newly arriving viewers also do not suspect that you have any problems with popularity?

You can take the chance to buy YouTube views — and the best solution would be to purchase a subscription so that a fixed and small number of plays, thumbs up and other services you need are constantly delivered to your profile.

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The subscription can be weekly or monthly — the main thing is to make sure that its size matches your channel. If you get a million views every week, while you only have 2 or 3 videos, it’s unlikely to look realistic.

Of course, we exaggerate, but you understand the point — the promotion should correspond to what the channel looks like now and what you want to achieve in the long term perspective. 

Try to take the issue responsibly and take your time with decisions. If you want to achieve good results, you will have to try and spend some time and money for this. Along the way, not forgetting that the main component of success lies in the constant generation of cool content and interaction with the audience.

Otherwise, nothing good will come of paid services — remember that they will never be able to solve all your problems.

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