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How does Youtube count views

“How does YouTube count my views and can I somehow hack them and make them multiple from the same computer?” Unfortunately, you cannot hack YT — it sees your ip address and uses it to receive and change the number of plays.

So no matter how many times you’d watch the video, no matter if you’d redirect from Facebook or from any other social media or website, it’s still going to count that as a repeat and not a wholesome new play.

Even if you’d make a repost of your videos playlist to other social media and go to YouTube using this link, it will still be a single view of your video.

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Yes, YouTube gives no possibilities for hacking and making the statistics better than it actually is. So if you want to make your plays count bigger than it is, you’d have to turn to help from the side services, and buy YouTube views for your profile.

There is no other way, basically, as there are no codes, no software and no apps that can influence the YouTube platform. Do you want to see results? Take on a free trial with 10–50 unpaid views and then make conclusions whether you want to work with a certain company that does promotion or not.

However, you’d still have to put some time into the process and seek alternatives; to compare prices, to read reviews and make the decision about which service you like more.

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Remember that you will be able to achieve the best results if you combine several paid services for one promotion and follow the advice to divide all promotions into small stages — do not order subscribers and playback by thousands.

It will be best to get them into your channel by tens or hundreds if you have already managed to achieve something online. Be attentive to your audience, and they will repay you with kindness — this is one of the most important things in achieving success on social media.


How does YouTube count stream views? 

One spectator equals one play. If the stream is being watched in record, one click on the video from one user equals one play. 

How does YouTube count paid views? 

If the plays are coming from different profiles, each one of them is going to be counted as one watch. If one account views the video several times, it’s not going to change the statistics — if the profile doesn’t change, the number of plays doesn’t change either. 

How long does it take for YouTube to count views? 

Usually it works momentarily. Sometimes, when the system is overloaded due to various reasons, the count of plays may freeze for some time (usually at a mark of 300–301 plays), but it will automatically unfreeze after several minutes or hours. 

Does YouTube count views from incognito? 

Yes, it does, as incognito still uses an ip address to browse the Internet.

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