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How to sort Youtube videos by views

Today we barely have time for important things in life, so when it comes to watching some videos, we need to make sure that we’re watching the most interesting ones.

To do that, we can sort all the videos by most viewed and the least viewed, and thankfully, today’s social media totally gives us an opportunity to do so. You can find a pretty convenient filter on YouTube that works that way (available in app and in web-version as well) and that can help you with finding the coolest clips on the platform. 

How to sort videos by views? When you go to someone’s channel, you need to go to the “all videos” section. There will be absolutely all the clips that a person has ever posted: by default, they are arranged in chronological order.

To change this, you will need to find a button at the top with a filter icon (or sliders), signed with the words “sort by”. When you click on it, you will be offered a list of options; select the one that will indicate the number of views.

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Voila! The videos will be arranged in the order you need. This is very convenient if you are just getting acquainted with someone’s profile and want to see the coolest materials that this person has ever posted.

If you want to find out how the filter works to evaluate your own videos, then there is a more convenient tool for this — the built-in YouTube statistics tools. And the good news is that you don’t have to worry about whether you’re getting enough views overall.

If you are experiencing difficulties, you can always buy YouTube views from a good website or a company that is engaged in online promotion.

Why buy views at all? If you are new to this platform, it will be difficult for you to attract the attention of other people without having any base under your channel. By base, we mean a certain number of views, subscribers and likes that will help convince other people that your content is worth viewing and evaluating.

Without this, you can only count on the help of your friends and acquaintances, and we do not know a single person who would have thousands of them.

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The main thing is not to doubt your success and always interact with the audience, who will meet you halfway if they see openness and friendliness. Respond to comments, organize and moderate the section so that both you and your audience feel comfortable in it.

And then new people who will come to your channel will definitely want to stay. Don’t hesitate to ask for help and do everything to grow, good luck!


Can you sort YouTube videos by views?

Yes, you’re able to sort the clips by views on any YouTube account. To do so, go to “all videos” and find the filter button to sort by the number of plays that the video has got over time. The most played are going to be at the top, and the least one at the bottom.

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