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Youtube tags for views

Some time ago using tags to get more views really worked — it was good for people to post content and add tagging to it. It was universal back then; people knew what tags to put in descriptions to make other people come to their pages almost momentarily.

Today, unfortunately, it doesn’t work half as well. Tagging transformed into something more personal; today, when you want to get many views and some thumbs up, you need to sit down and figure out what tags are going to be best for you and for all the people in your niche. It’s called SEO. 

Best YouTube tags for views 

So, what are the best tags to use and how do you get the list of them? On YouTube, as on any other social media, now it’s not that smart to use universal hashtags that kind of suit each channel that posts videos on a certain topic.

To make things change for your content you have to gather an individual list of tags, where you’ll be using the ones that can be used widely and the ones that can be used locally.

For example, if you’re posting a video about a local park, you’d want to use tags park, green, resting and the tags that would show where exactly this park is located to attract the natives to view this video.

Plus, you use tags to specify — what’s located in the park, maybe you’re going to review sports or a certain cafe? Use tags to tell people what they are going to see in this video.

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Yes, today there are not so many people who are using hashtags to search for a certain information, so instead of tags we’d advise you to use detailed descriptions. This will help people with finding exactly the videos they want by putting the keywords into the search tab. 

Are you reading this article because you’re hunting for views? Well, we understand that, and we want to give you an additional hack to use: if you’re lacking the plays on your videos, you can use a chance to buy YouTube views that will help you with promoting your page (and will do it almost naturally).

The only thing you should keep in mind is that if your account has not so many videos and not so many subscribers on it, you need to buy a number of plays that would “suit” your channel and won’t call for any suspicions from the audience that you already have.

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Therefore, if you decide to buy views for your videos, we recommend that you think carefully about everything and only then proceed to action. Consider several possible sites for purchase and make sure that they sell real plays, and not generated by bots. The second option does not suit you and is more likely to do harm than good.

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