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Get likes on Youtube

If you’re trying to promote your channel on YouTube, you have probably already thought of a chance to get likes for free. You’ve heard of all those services that offer their clients endless numbers of unpaid thumbs up just for doing something (clicking on a link or whatever), right?

Well, be careful and think twice before doing so, because most of the time this is nothing but a scam.

Buy Youtube likes - Vip YT

After you click or do something, you might lose your money or your personal data. We don’t think you really need that… But what can you do with your account that desperately needs promotion? 

How to get likes on YouTube 

There are ways to get more thumbs up, comments and alot of subs for your page’s videos — moreover, you can do it fast and sometimes even almost for free. But if you want more than 1000 thumbs up, you will have to put some money into it.

You see, there are websites that offer free trials — and that’s where you can get your free likes. But trials almost always include from 10 to 100 free thumbs up, everything that’s more than that needs investments from your side.

And that’s fair: if a company provides clients with quality services and all of those likes are real, they are doing a lot of work to attract real people to make your channel grow. And that has to be paid.

Get Youtube likes - Vip YT

If you’re hesitating, just take on a free trial and see how your profile’s life is going to change. And it will, trust us on this one.

After the first unpaid thumbs up will come, your audience and people who randomly came to your page will start perceiving your profile in another way, they will see that the content is already validated by someone and it means that it has some kind of worth.

And everything that’s already valued is more interesting by default. Keep that in mind while thinking of your page’s promotion. 

So, if you were thinking about using a chance to buy YouTube likes, do it without hesitations! But be careful with what you’re buying and where you’re buying it. Real thumbs up are great for statistics and channel promotion, fake ones are a stat’s murderer. 


How many likes do you have to get on YouTube to earn money? 

YouTube doesn’t pay its users for getting a certain number of likes. Lots of thumbs up show impact on vlogger’s reputation and their ability to attract more people, but it doesn’t show any impact on their ability to monetize the content. 

What happens if you get a lot of likes on YouTube?

Your content is valued more and it automatically becomes more appealing to many people. Thumbs up are one of the main signs of approval on social media, so if you’re trying to promote your channel it would be wise to take on some paid “fake” likes.

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