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Youtube subscribers not updating

YouTube is still a social media that has its glitches and bugs, and you shouldn’t expect a lot from it: that’s why you shouldn’t really bother if a count of subscribers has not been updating for some time lately.

“Why are my subscribers stuck?” — some people panic, — “I scroll through the list of subs and cannot see the new ones, but that’s just not possible!” Well, yes, the amount might stay the same for a short period of time and be frozen at a weird number for several hours.

That’s YouTube updating the information on your channel’s page, and that’s fine; after the bug is gone you’re going to be able to see the actual info and the actual number of subs that you have.

Youtube subscribers - Vip YT

The same thing often happens to the views on some videos — the count is frozen at 300 views and nothing is happening; that’s fine for the first several hours after the publication.

If this freeze continues, you need to contact the technical support group, as something is probably off with your channel or the system is updating some parts of it and it’s going to get okay in the next hours.

But you really shouldn’t panic and you’d better spend that time on figuring out how to make your content better and how to improve promotion work for your channel; and for the last one we have great advice. 

Use your chance to buy YouTube subscribers — yes, those are fake, and yes, those won’t hugely help you with widening the real audience, but what those will do is make other people believe that your channel is worth watching.

When people see that a profile or a channel has lots and lots of people already following it, they are always changing their mind and start thinking about it as more successful than the other ones. And that helps a lot when you need to beat your competitors in a game of attracting new people and making them your loyal fans and supporters.

So yes, purchasing subscribers on YouTube doesn’t hurt anyone and can become a great booster for those who plan their promotion and think it through in all the details and numbers.

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