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Youtube likes not showing

Some creators have been reporting a massive problem: “I cannot see my likes on videos of my channel on app and in Chrome, what do I do?”

We get this, it’s scary to see that the content you have uploaded has no feedback to it. You’ve put lots of time into it, and here you are, sitting and waiting for thumbs up to come — and there’s none of them. How do you solve this problem and what can it possibly be? 

Over time algorithms on YouTube have changed a lot, and today things are not like they were previously: today if you want to leave a like to a video, you have to watch it for a certain period of time.

Nobody really knows how long exactly, but to our witness it takes about several minutes for YouTube to trust that you have watched and liked the video. Yes, it is that meticulous, can you believe it?

That’s why you might not be getting thumbs up coming to your videos: even if you had a chance to encourage your audience to support your video, and they came to leave a like, they have to watch it for some time to make this social media website trust that they love it.

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That sounds absurd, but it happened for a reason: over time YT has been seeing more and more bots arriving to the platform and taking over it, as common users like you and I have become a rarity. Bots don’t watch the video from its start to finish, and this is a loophole that YouTube techs decided to use.

The only guarantee of a user being real is their time spent online, watching the videos themselves, and if the time is not long enough, the algorithm thinks of a user as an inefficient unit, that potentially can be fake and automatic. 

So, if you want your audience to help you develop your channel, ask them to watch your videos — somehow, YT algorithm tracks that as well, so you’d better up that statistic parameter now! But: there are things that you can do easier, than by endlessly interacting with your audience.

You can buy YouTube likes if you feel like you’re seriously lacking them on your channel and you need to fix that asap. But don’t put too much hope on that, as you still need to think about gaining them naturally!

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All in all, the best way to balanced promotion would be buying several different promo options and then concentrating on generating the best quality content possible. Plus, cross-posting your videos to other platforms and interacting with people there as well — do some giveaways and contests, people love that kind of stuff.

Be social and active, who knew that this is basically all you need to become popular on social media! But oh boy how much work it can sometimes be…

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