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How to tag in Youtube comments

If you’re trying to communicate with people on YouTube, you need to know how to tag someone — sometimes replying to certain users just doesn’t work and you need to insert their name into the comments to draw their attention to it.

Thankfully, it is very easy to do. All you need to is find a person’s name (open their personal page or channel on YouTube or look it up in the comments section, it stands right next to their avatar) and write it at the beginning of your commentary in a form @username.

But remember that instead of it you can simply reply to a certain comment and a person will get a notification about it. Tagging works better when a person hasn’t yet seen the video, but you want them to see it and react to it.

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The other important question is how to tag time, and that’s also the easiest thing to do if you know how. Watch the video and find exactly the moment that you want to tag in your commentary.

Then, write it down in the form “16:18” (that’s an example) and add something that you’d like to say. After you press on the “leave a comment” button, it will be ready: the numbers in a commentary are going to redirect anyone who presses on them exactly to the moment in the video that you have commented on.

It’s easy, quick and convenient, when you want to mark a certain point and leave a joke or a prevised note about something in the video. Tagging people and tagging time is quite convenient, when you’re trying to develop your channel.

Timecodes are helpful to those who are trying to extract the part that they want to see out of all the video (if it is longer, than 10 minutes) and tagging other people in commentaries might draw their attention to the video quicker than it would happen naturally. What else can you do to help yourself promote your channel?

Well, there are many options, but the most efficient one out of all of them is a chance to buy YouTube comments that are going to make your commentaries section on YT more lively and more appealing to people who are watching your clips.

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So we would recommend you to not stay away from the paid promotion services: some people claim that these are useless, but we are sure, they just haven’t found the proper company to cooperate with.

When the website that sells followers, likes and comments is reliable and has a nice reputation, the promo campaign that you’re trying to organize for your channel via their services is going to go just great! So check for reviews first, and only after that make a decision if you want to buy from them or not. 


How to tag the uploader in comments YouTube?

Write their name in the beginning of the commentary like this @username, and they’re going to get a notification that somebody has tagged them in a comment. 

How to tag name in YouTube comments?

Insert a person’s name in the beginning of the commentary like this @username and the person is going to see that you have tagged them in their notifications.

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