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Youtube not updating views

Sometimes YouTube views on a video get stuck: they freeze at above 300 and just won’t update over several hours.

No matter how many times you have updated the page of your studio, no matter what player you’re using, no matter how many subscribers in total you have on your channel, it just doesn’t work. When people face this difficulty the first time, they panic: what have I done wrong that now it is not working?

Is there something wrong with the playlist or with the content of the video that I’ve downloaded on YouTube? Calm down, everything is okay. It’s just a popular YT bug that we’re going to tell you about further. 

Why YouTube views not updating

Why aren’t my views updating?” If you have recently uploaded your video and the number of plays on it now is approximately 300, don’t worry and settle down.

The fact is that thousands of new videos are constantly uploaded to YouTube, and it does not always have time to process information quickly enough — while your video is still new and plays drip onto it quite quickly, the social platform needs a little more time to process them.

We assure you, in a few hours the counter will start working again, and you will see how many plays you managed to get.

Views not updating - Vip YT

If you are worried because you suspect that your video will not get many plays — let’s say you are new to YouTube or you have recently had problems with getting enough plays and subscribers — you can always buy YouTube views and forget about your worries.

If you purchase them from a good online company, they will come to you from real people and will be able to raise statistics pretty well. And this is always for the best if you are seriously interested in the development of your channel.

Remember that promo services are better combined with each other and do not forget that they should be purchased regularly so that there are no big failures in the statistics.

Plus, one of the best ways to increase the number of plays of your video is to cross-post it to other platforms of yours.

Trust us on this one, it works even better than the paid plays (well, the best effect is when those two are combined with one another) and you’re gaining a chance to attract more new followers to your channel. Isn’t that the greatest thing ever?

Interact with your audience on other platforms and encourage them to participate in your channel’s life; you can leave links as often as you want and remind people to watch your latest clip, there’s nothing wrong about it, don’t be afraid to repeat yourself even. 


Why are my YouTube views not updating on search?

If your plays aren’t updating after you have just downloaded a video and the counter shows something around 300, don’t worry and simply wait. YouTube is updating the information on your clip and soon enough (in several hours) the counter will start showing the new numbers.

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