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How to timestamp Youtube comments

Timestamps are something that no avid user of Youtube can live without — you might need to make a timestamp when you leave comments and want to draw somebody’s attention to a certain part of a video clip that you have found pretty important or funny or educational.

However, some people look at the timecodes that other users put in the comments and think to themselves: “Wow, that must be hard to do. I cannot use that trick, although I’d wanted to. How do you add a timestamp in a comment?

No idea.” Well, you’d be very surprised to figure out that this is extra easy to do. How? Keep on reading!

Timestamp Youtube comment - Vip YT

To add a timecode on YouTube all you need to do is watch a video and find exactly the part that you want to refer to. This should be an exact minute and a second in a format “minutes:seconds”, eg “16:18”.

You should write these numbers down into a commentary and add some text to it, for instance, “16:18 rewatch it if you haven’t noticed it”. After you click on the “leave a comment” button, the timecode is going to go blue and clickable for other people.

After they press on it, they are going to be redirected exactly to the moment in a video that you have pointed out. 

It’s ridiculous how easy it is and how many people think that there are additional codes and actions needed to timestamp a commentary!

By the way, timecodes should be used in the description of your own video, if it is quite long: this way people will want to watch it, if not the whole video, then at least the part of it that they find most interesting and useful for them. And what else can you do to promote and popularize your channel in YouTube? 

You can buy YouTube comments or subscribers and likes, if that’s what you’re lacking the most. Of course, this is not the only tool available, but it is quite important, so do not neglect it: if you hear negative reviews from people who have tried to use such a service, it only means that they worked with an unreliable promo company or specialist.

There are sites that sell high-quality and real comments, and you just need to find them and check the reviews beforehand.


How to add timestamp to YouTube comments mobile?

It works just as it works in the web-version: type in the exact timecode of the moment that you want to tag in the commentary and after you post a comment it is going to be clickable for other people.

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