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Youtube comments history

If you are an avid YouTube user, you should know how to leave comments and where you can review them for better convenience. Fortunately, YouTube technicians have taken care of that: and you can easily view, edit and delete your commentaries on YouTube from one place.

This place is called my studio, which, if you are a video creator, is going to be filled also with your content as well, and if you are a regular person who’s used to consuming content, is going to be filled with your commentaries only. 

Unique content should be well evaluated — this is all that is in the minds of people who are looking for a new channel or page to subscribe to. Even if they find a page with very cool videos, but there will be no subs or notes on this page, they will almost certainly pass by.

This is how human psychology works, and it does not work in the hands of content creators. Therefore, if you want people to try to watch you and tell other people about you, you need to make your clips look interesting to everyone.

So that they have enough playback, notes and thumbs up. Otherwise, you risk being stuck at the very bottom of your niche for a long time and having no way out of there.

Youtube comments - Vip YT

There are more hacks that you should be aware of while using your YouTube channel or profile. First of all, if you have ever left any commentaries under any videos, those are going to be seen at the top of the section if you are logged in.

But if you are not, to find your comments you would have to go through the whole section and find them staying where you have left them in chronological order. So you should not be scared if you suddenly cannot see your comments at the top anymore — you probably have logged out of your profile. 

How to see your YouTube comments history

When you want to check your commentaries on YouTube, you’d have to go on app or on a web version and there go to your profile. In your profile (that’s on YouTube called studio) you’re going to see the feed with all of the commentaries that you have ever written.

If you have created videos, there will be videos as well. But for a regular person it is quite convenient to use the studio if you want to track the commentaries and answer to people in the comments section one more time, reply to what they have said to you, etc.

Сomment history - Vip YT

If you are a content creator and you are using the studio to track the state of the commentaries that you’ve been creating, and you see that there are still not enough comments no matter how hard you’re trying to participate in your channel’s life, we’d highly recommend you to buy YouTube comments for your profile and cover that need in the notes on your channel.

If you could combine several paid promo options together, you would be able to notice how great and tangible results would come your way pretty quickly. 

But if you don’t know where to start or what type of promo options you need now, it would be best not to rush and ask for help from a decent SMM manager. Some of their services can be pricey, but the consultation to guide you in the very beginning shouldn’t be too expensive and is highly necessary if you’re aiming for good results.

However, don’t be afraid to try and act independently, especially if your account is pretty small now. In the very beginning it’s okay to try and learn from your own mistakes. Most people do so and reach pretty nice results.

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