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Can you search for your YouTube comments using Google or any other engine? Is there a way to find all of your commentaries using your username or cant a browser do that? It’s a good question and it might be convenient to those who are trying to develop their profile and want to know multiple ways of tracking the commentaries and other metrics.

But you should remember that YouTube is not Facebook that has a searching mechanism built into the system, it cannot allow you to search the commentaries through its or any other engines. 

So, to look up the particular commentary, you’d have to view them from your page. When you want to seek another person’s comment, you should remember where you’ve seen it (what was the video) and look here manually going through the notes.

But it’s not that efficient and will take you loads of time. To cut that time off, you can use the nice and quick method that we’re going to talk about in the next paragraph, so just keep on reading! 

How to search YouTube comments 

Well, there is a small lifehack to find “my” commentaries (or any other person’s, this is not exactly the search by user, but it can help) on YouTube — if you know the video where you have seen the commentary, you should go on its page and type control + S (or command + S).

It will give you the tab where you should tap in the key words (the ones that you will be able to find the note by) and then press enter. It will go through all the notes under this video and will give you the results that are suitable for your keys in this section.

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Yes, this is not the most convenient method, but it’s working in YouTube search. If you’re willing to see how many notes your videos have in general though, you can do it using the studio that we have talked about previously.

And if you see that there are not enough commentaries, you can turn to help from the third party services. There you will be able to buy YouTube comments or any other options that you need. And if you’re aimed at the highest and best results, it would be better to combine several options in one promo campaign to see the changes quickly.

However, novices might have difficulties with picking the best promo options, and they might want to consult with a professional — but the thing is, it might be enough to talk to the manager of the company that you’re going to cooperate with. 

If the company’s manager is a real person and not a bot, this is not only a good sign that you can rely on this company, but also a possibility to ask some questions before diving into the promotion process. You should remember that no one will take care of the profile development as much as you can do it.

And even if you have the opportunity to purchase a huge number of paid services, you still need to think about what content to publish to the channel, how to interact with subscribers and, of course, think about cross-posting, which can help you pull the channel out of the most depressing situation.

It is necessary to attract an audience by all means, including the one that you already have, but so far on other platforms. Merging such audiences can lead to the desired result much faster than if you were trying to recruit subs only thanks to the YouTube platform.

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YouTube is a platform where anyone can find their audience — and if it’s not so difficult to find it, then it can be difficult to keep it. In order to constantly convince people that you are worth reading, paid services are suitable, but only you can interest them in subscribing.

It is quite clear that this will take you quite a lot of time, and for the sake of support it is quite logical and not at all shameful to use paid services.

Don’t hesitate doing that; it might really affect your development in the future. Find a company that sells real notes and good luck! 


How to use keywords to search YouTube comments? 

Go to the page of the clip where you want to find a certain commentary. Press control + S and you’ll see the tab where you will have to put in the key words. After you do it, the search engine will give you all the notes that include those words.

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