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How to see your comments on Youtube

There are moments when you need to view all your comments that you have ever written on YouTube. The reasons may vary, you might want to see the most liked commentaries or the ones that you have left under certain videos.

Anyhow, an app itself fortunately gives an opportunity to see all of your own commentaries in one place: it is called studio. If you are a content creator, it would be your main tool to operate on YouTube, but if you are a regular user just like us, it might be new to you that there is such a thing on YouTube.

But yes, if you’d find a button studio next to your picture in the right upper corner and press it, there you will be able to see all of your past commentaries that you have ever left.

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Is there a way to edit them? Yes, just click on the one that you want to work with and YouTube will redirect you to the page where you have left this past commentary that you’d like to change now.

There is nothing wrong with it: if you don’t like it, you can also delete it using this section. How do you do it? The same way as if you were going to edit it, but choose another button that says delete. 

But you should also remember, that in YouTube (if you’re trying to promote your channel, of course) managing your commentaries and posting regularly is not enough for big success.

Fortunately for you though (and for many other novices) the sphere of online promotion has crazily evolved over time and today you can easily find and buy YouTube comments or whatever you might need.

Yes, those will truly help your channel develop and won’t be a waste of budget, but you should meet one condition to make it happen. You should make sure that you’re purchasing real commentaries, otherwise it is going to be a waste of time and money. 

You need real commentaries that are going to be written by actual people who are using YouTube daily themselves. Strange and suspicious comments from bots that some people order to fill the gap are a way into nowhere.

People who already follow you will be disappointed and the newcomers will think twice before following you. And nothing will save the situation: neither the greatest videos, nor your own friendly commentaries.

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So make sure that you’re doing everything right. If any questions arise, it is better to consult with the manager or the specialist or a friend who has already been through a similar promotion.

If you have such friends, it’s better to ask them for some advice from the very beginning — they will tell you what you should and shouldn’t do according to their very own experience, and it is a very nice thing to know when you start. 


How to see your comments on YouTube on phone?

To see all the commentaries you have made using your phone, press on your picture in the top right corner of any page and then go to your studio or your channel. Scroll down and in one of the sections you will be able to see all the commentaries that you have ever made.

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