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Youtube comments disappear

If you’re trying to promote your YouTube channel you should be very worried if you suddenly stop seeing the comments popping up in your and other people’s commentaries section. Why is this happening, maybe there is something wrong with the app, with the phone or with the YouTube service itself?

It frequently happens so that people can’t see some commentaries and commentaries in live chat, but there are also cases when people can’t see all the notes at once or the old ones that they have once left and could see them at the top of the comments section of the video, but now these are suddenly unavailable.

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We’re going to give you a clue so you wouldn’t feel so lost: on YouTube it happens that most liked public notes are usually seen at the top of the section, but people who are logged into the website can see their own comments at the top of the section.

And this is why when you’re logged out you might get scared where the comments go that you have left under the video. Nothing happened, actually: it’s just YouTube showing logged in users their own commentaries at the top of the section for convenience. 

Why do my YouTube comments disappear

Why my YouTube comments disappear when I log out, you might ask. Well, they go nowhere from YouTube, they stay in the place, it is just that you cannot see them anymore.

YouTube shows logged in people their comments for convenience — so that they won’t be looking for them for too long. Often people get reactions to their commentaries, and they would like to react back, and this is how they can do it easily. 

But what do you do, if there are just not enough comments under your videos in general? Well, this is a good question that bothers many people and it is no wonder why — those who are trying to develop their channels should care about all the parameters of it.

Notes show how engaged and how interested people are in your content, and those are also a great sign of validation that other people might take in consideration while choosing whether they want to follow your profile or not.

If there are too little comments in the section, they might think that you aren’t that trendy and appealing to watch.

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So you should really take care of it and take on a chance to buy YouTube comments if there are not enough of them naturally.

Bought commentaries will help you with attracting people’s attention and keeping it in place — don’t forget that you can also purchase other promo services from a trustworthy promo website. 


If I delete one YouTube channel will comments disappear?

Yes, if you delete your YouTube channel, the comments will disappear with the videos that won’t be available for other people anymore.

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