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How to link time in Youtube comment

If you’re an avid YouTube user and you often leave comments or descriptions to the videos you post, you should know how to add a link to time. Making a commentary informative for people will help with drawing their attention to it.

Otherwise, you might stay unattended and lonely in the comments section, and nobody wants that for sure. Fortunately, linking time is the easiest thing to do, yet many people overestimate it and don’t do it because they worry that this is too hard. This is how you can do it quickly: 

While typing in the commentary, check the exact time of the video that you want to leave a link to. Add it in the beginning of the commentary in the format “16:18”.

And when you click the button “leave a comment” or “post the video” (if we’re talking about making a description to it), it is going to become clickable (it will redirect other people who click on it exactly to the moment in the clip that you want them to see).

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And if you’re worried that your videos don’t get enough attention and that you would love to see way more commentaries in the sections under your videos than you have now, you can solve that by using a chance to buy YouTube comments.

This is easy, you won’t waste lots of time on that, and you will be able to prove other people that your content is appealing and interesting to other people. Fake it till you make it, right? It works just great and you don’t need to control it, as the pack goes to your page automatically. 


How to link to YouTube video at specific time in comments?

Type the time in the beginning of the commentary in the format of “number:number” and then add the text after it if needed. After you click to leave a comment, it is going to transform into the direct link to the exact moment in the video.

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