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Emoji Youtube comments

A chance to use emojis in YouTube comments is a nice feature that you can take on for better communication — the only thing is that if you want to type emojis for your commentaries, you need to use your phone for that or download a special keyboard for your PC.

Insert emoji in windows YouTube comments - Vip YT

The second option is drearier and harder, so if you’d like to save some time, we’d recommend using a mobile app. There are lots of convenient buttons and options in it in general, so if you’re an avid YouTube user, choose the app for sure.

How to add emojis to YouTube comments 

So no matter if you have Android or iOS, you can use all the different emojis that you have in your emoticons keyboard and add them in a commentary easy and quick. On YouTube there are lots and lots of commentaries that consist of emojis only.

People tend to look for simpler ways to show their emotions and don’t lose any time, and emoticons are exactly the thing for it. To add an emoji, type the text that you’d like to put in a commentary and then add the emojis that you find appropriate. Click on “leave a comment” and you’re done!

How to put emoji in YouTube comment

If you’re wondering how to add emojis into YouTube commentaries using your PC, you can only do that by installing a special keyboard — you can download it through Google Chrome Extensions or the app store that’s present on Mac and on Windows as well today.

In general, it is not that convenient as if you were using the app, so if you’re willing to comment on videos frequently, we’d recommend you to switch to using the official app. Or, if you don’t love how it works, you can also look up alternative YouTube players, there’s plenty of them on the market.

Emojis in youtube comments - Vip YT

But if you’re also looking for a chance to promote your page, we would like you to know about the option to buy YouTube comments. Yes, it really exists and yes, it might be very helpful in some situations.

If you’d like to know, how exactly it is working, you can check for reviews from previous clients of the company that you’re going to work with — usually people who have found a decent company to cooperate with say that this promo option has been a great help, and they were able to gain tons of new subs because of it. Why?

Because when people see that some kind of content already has lots of validation and approval coming from other people, they are more willing to subscribe and decide to check out that content as well. That’s just a simple psychological trick that always works!


How to make an emoji in YouTube live chat comments?

Use an official YouTube app to watch the stream and use your phone’s emoticons keyboard. Just like you would do if you were to write a common message or a comment on another social media.

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