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Why don’t my Youtube comments show up

On Youtube there is a popular glitch of Youtube comments not showing up or becoming suddenly unavailable. Lots of people have been trying to find the reasons for it, but to this day, there are still not so many confirmed ones.

We’re going to list the three main ones that we are sure of and that are kind of fixable. The situations that don’t fit in have to be solved individually, with the help of a technical support group.

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First of all, you might have posted something that Youtube’s system has considered spam. It could be a single word, it could be a single or several links, it could be a weird sentence with lots of additional symbols, or you could repeat the same commentary several times in a short period of time.

Well, that sometimes happens to all of us when we’re on a raid, watching thousands of music or vlogger’s videos at once — and here we are, considered spammers. If you have done nothing wrong, contact the technical support group. But does it really matter if we’re talking about a single (or a dozen) of removed comments? 

The second reason is you being offensive. Yes, it could really happen: and it might even be not because of you, but because of other people in the commentaries section. Someone could really dislike what you have said and could have reported you.

And there you are, comment deleted, you’re puzzled. However, it can also be fixed by contacting the support group. They could have applied different penalties, and if your account is blocked because “you have violated the community guidelines”, you really need to talk to support.

You can also try to contact the person who has reported you (if you know who it is) using another Google account, if this is super important for you.

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If you don’t have time for all this fuss, you can skip right to the best part. It is needed if you’re trying to develop your channel and suddenly you cannot comment and you cannot function online at all: while you’re contacting the techs, give yourself a leg-up by using a chance to buy Youtube comments.

If you find a decent company to work with, you’ll be able to provide yourself with high-quality commentaries in any demanded amounts. Don’t try to save up and invest in your future success; you’ll get positive results coming in no time. 


Why my Youtube comments don’t show up on only one channel?

The most obvious explanation is that this channel has reported and blocked you.

Why don’t my comments show up in the discussion section on Youtube?

This can happen if your comments look like spam or there are too many of them, if they contain links or insults.

Why don’t my comments show up in Youtube live stream?

Sometimes it may take up to 24 hours for YouTube to process the creation of the live stream. Only after that, the chat will appear, including your comments and commentaries of other people. If we are talking about comments on someone else’s stream, the user could limit commentaries or could block your account.

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