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How to reply to comments on Youtube

If you want to respond to Youtube comments, you’re probably either an avid video viewer, a person who loves to communicate, a creator of the video or everything at once.

However, sometimes people have problems with it: “Why can’t I reply to YT comments?” they ask, “How to reply to multiple commentaries on Youtube?” and is it different for iPhone or Android mobile app and PC? We’re going to give the answers to all of these questions and more, keep on reading.

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Let’s start with the simplest part: how do you reply to commentaries on Youtube in general? You should find a commentary that you want to respond to and press the button “reply”. After that the person is going to be tagged in this commentary and you will be able to talk to them directly.

If you want to answer several people at once, unfortunately, you don’t have a special button for it. But what you can do is type in several people’s usernames and answer them all in one commentary this way.

Sure, you could spam in the commentaries section and just copy and paste the same answer to all the people, but you’re daring to get blocked by Youtube techs in this situation.

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Why can’t you reply to commentaries? Well, the only sure reason might lay in your Google+ services. You might have made this option unavailable to you — try to remember whether you’ve changed anything or not, and if you did, you know how to return it back to normal.

If this is not an issue, you should contact the technical support group immediately, as YT is still a pretty glitchy platform. 

If you’re worried that no matter how much you reply to commentaries, there is still not enough interaction and communication on your channel, there is a way for you to fix it.

Quicker and easier than you might think: you should simply buy Youtube comments that will come to your channel quickly, will be on topic and will be able to gather reactions from your already existing audience.

You should make sure that you’re buying decent quality ones, otherwise it’s going to be just a waste of time and money. Check the reviews from the previous buyers and don’t forget about the free trial versions — not many companies have those, but the ones that have are really caring about their clients.

Try to draw conclusions as objectively as possible and never try to buy too many or too little; think about what number of commentaries you really need on your page and follow this decision. 


How to reply with a picture in Youtube comments?

Unfortunately, you cannot insert a picture into your YT comment. What you can do though is insert a link to a picture — but be careful with that, as Youtube often enough holds these comments and might even block them, as the links are counted as potentially dangerous content. 

How to reply to comments in a thread on Youtube?

You should find the exact commentary that you want to reply to and press the button “reply”. After that, your commentary will be tagging the person who’s going to get notified about your note. 

How to make red dot in Youtube comments reply?

The red dot is actually a like that you get from the creator of the video — to get it you should write something that’s going to be on topic, interesting and complimenting to the author of the clip. It will make your commentary more noticeable and easier to interact with. 

How to reply to all Youtube comments at the same time?

You can tag several people in a while to reply to all of them: if all of their names are going to be inserted into the commentary box (@username), they all will get a notification about your note. 

How to reply to linked comments on Youtube?

You can reply (just press the “reply” button and you’ll be able to talk to that person in particular), but we’d like to warn you that not all the links are safe and that you should think before checking out what’s behind them. 

How to reply to Youtube comments without a reply button?

Some time ago Youtube had a limit of 500 replies to one commentary, but today there is no such. If you don’t see a reply button or if your commentary doesn’t have a reply button, check the settings in your Google+ account — you might have accidentally made this option unavailable to you. If everything is right, contact the tech support group.

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