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Youtube comments gone

There are dozens of applications in Google Help center saying that their owners Youtube comments section is gone. For some reason, we could not find the solution for this problem: it seems like it is just a glitch that can be fixed in some situations by clearing the cache, rebooting the computer and even updating the operating system of the PC to the newest version.

However, we know what you can do if some of your Youtube commentaries are gone: for example, you cannot find the old ones, or the ones that you have left under a certain channel’s video.

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Often enough it happens because you’ve posted a commentary that YT itself counts as inappropriate or similar to spam.

The second situation is even more frequent — if you’ve decided to put a single word into the commentary or a single link (which proves your opinion, nothing more), Youtube is very likely to delete your commentary. Why?

Because both of these are looking very much like spam or dangerous content. Links can be really harmful to people who click on things thoughtlessly — and, sadly enough, such people are the majority. Therefore, today most social networks are forced to maintain a policy of instant blocking of links and their thorough verification.

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“My commentaries were on top of the section, but now I’ve logged out, and they are removed! How come?”

Well, keep calm, your commentaries weren’t really deleted. It is simple: when you’re in the system, all of the commentaries that you have ever left are kept at the top of the comments section for your own comfort — it makes them easy to find.

But they aren’t actually at the top; therefore, when you’re logging out, your commentaries are going to be seen by others and by the algorithms in the chronological order. Yes, you’d have to go through all the comments to find them. But why do that, if you can simply log in back? 

If you are worried about the number of comments on your page, there is an easier way to solve the problem: you can just buy YouTube comments and forget about the problems of promoting the channel.

Make sure that you are buying from a safe resource, and do not forget that the most high-quality and effective promotion occurs when you purchase not only comments, but several different options in one advertising campaign that you have decided to organize.

Also, don’t ignore the fact that the audience is best attracted by interaction and answers to all the questions that may be asked you. Be here for your subscribers, and they will respond to you in the same way!


Why are Youtube comments gone?

Basically, this happens if your comment was too similar to spam (a single word or something absurd), or if it was a link that Youtube has to check and decide whether to block or not. Plus, it might be a simple glitch that’s fixable by rebooting the app, the phone or the PC that you’re using to watch the videos.

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