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Transfer Youtube subscribers to new account

How to transfer subscribers to another YouTube account? That’s a question that many people are willing to know the answer to, but it is quite disappointing actually.

Today you cannot merge two accounts together and you cannot move subscribers from one channel to another in any automatic way (but you can move your own subscriptions though, but it’s a whole another story).

The only way to get your followers moving would be warning them about your changes and slowly stop posting on one channel and start on another. You have to tell your audience about your move several times, start preparing them long before you’d switch channels.

You should also tell your audience on other platforms that this is going to happen, as people don’t visit YT too often and can easily miss what you’re trying to spread there.

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Moving to another channel is a very time-consuming and labor-intensive business, so you should think twice, why are you doing this at all?

If you don’t like some videos published on your current channel, you can completely hide them; if you want to change the vector of development somewhat and start releasing videos on other topics, you can also do this, making sure that the process proceeds smoothly and people have time to think whether they want to watch videos on another topic or not.

If you are concerned about the amount of negativity that has befallen you in the comments, you may well strictly moderate the comments section and ban everyone you don’t like. There is a solution to literally any issue, and changing the channel in the case when you have already formed an audience is far from the best solution.

But if you still decide to move, and the move did not work out as well as you planned, you can always buy YouTube subscribers to close the hole in the number of followers.

Followers will be delivered to you quite quickly and efficiently, so there will be nothing to worry about — your follower counter will increase by exactly how many you’ve ordered. It’s great that the field of online promotion is developing and today you can get literally any kind of help from professional advertisers who are engaged in social media profiles.

By the way, it will not be superfluous to analyze your channel together with them and identify weaknesses, too — especially if you are very concerned about monetization and you want to make YouTube your full-fledged work.

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