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Italics in Youtube comments

Sometimes you just need to italicize the text — to draw additional attention to it. Or maybe you’d like to write a PS to your commentary; well, whatever you need it for, putting a word or a sentence into italics is quite easy.

This trick works not only on YouTube; actually, some other platforms are using the same symbols to make the word or a sentence italicized.

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So, when you want to make a word into italics, all you need to do is add the underscores around it. Like _this_. After you press on the “leave a comment” button, the text is going to be transformed into the style you’ve put it into.

Italics is not the only style you can use on a text on YouTube: you can also make it bold or strikethrough, for that you’d need to add * or — around it. These tricks are very easy, but can make your comment stand out from the other commentaries row.

But we’d like to warn you that you shouldn’t overuse this trick, as some bots and fakes like to do it in the comments section too. 

How to do italics in YouTube comments

When you want to use italics in YouTube comments to make your commentary draw more attention to it than the other commentaries do, you should type a word or a sentence that you want to write into italics and then surround it with underscores _like this_.

After you publish the commentary, the text in it is going to be transformed into the italics. Write in italics if you need to make your thoughts in a note more prominent — on YouTube using different styles while writing a comment works just great to draw other people’s attention to it. 

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