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Youtube views stuck

Some people who are new to the YouTube system can catch a panic over the question “why are my YouTube views stuck? A new video on my channel has been getting more and more views, but now the counter seems to be broken — how do I fix it?”

The answer to this question is: calm down and wait a little bit. It is normal on YT, as it has quite a lot of videos to track and analyze.

Sometimes the counter might freeze above 300 views, and that’s a situation that happens constantly, many users have spoken about it and it’s no surprise that something like this just keeps happening. The situation will resolve itself during the day, just wait and go about your business.

Youtube frozen view count - Vip YT

So, now you know that you might have a certain amount of views temporarily “missing”, but that’s fine and you really don’t need to worry. But what if you assume that you won’t get enough likes?

In this case, you can help yourself with a paid service: it’s quite easy to buy YouTube views and forget that you were worried about the suspension of the accrual of views on your new video.

Purchased views will come to you almost instantly — yes, the size of the purchased package will affect the delivery time to one degree or another, but it will be very, very fast.

But remember, that success doesn’t solely depend on the number of plays that you’re going to get. It is helpful in making other people think that your channel is bigger than it is (fake it till you make it, you know), but those aren’t helpful in any other way if delivered by bots and fakes.

When you want to get some practical use even out of those, make sure that you’re purchasing plays that are coming from real people. It is hard to find a service like this, but it is possible if you put enough time and effort into it. 

But don’t put too much hope into these services. Concentrate on generating high quality content, communicating with your audience and trying to involve them into the life of your channel as much as possible. Only this will help you with making a channel bigger and more stable over time. 


How to report views stuck YouTube?

If your views counter has been frozen for about an hour or a little longer, you don’t really need to report it — the situation will be fixed as the actual number of views dives into the channel.

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