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Youtube removing dislikes

Some people have a very understandable logic: if you can get rid of the thumbs up metric on some social media platforms, it should be possible tto get rid of the signs of disapproval, dislikes, as well.

However, it is not quite possible, as YouTube doesn’t give a chance to delete the dislike button and make people unable to leave your thumbs up. How to make the signs of disapproval metric not so influenceable on your statistics? We will tell you about it in this article.

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So, if you’ve put forward a certain video and it’s starting to get thumbs up, what can you do about it? It might not seem like much. Clearly, it’s not true: thankfully to how huge the whole online promo community is, today you’re able to find many options that can help you with promoting your channel on YouTube.

For example, if your video is gaining way too many thumbs up, you can outweigh them with bought thumbs up, and vice versa. 

But where do you get thumbs up that will be high quality and able to help you with all the troubles that you’re meeting while promoting your channel? You see, for that you’d have to find an agency that sells thumbs up and signs of disapproval and commentaries and all other kinds of stuff coming from real people.

And yes, this is quite possible — all you need to do is check, whether they have positive reviews from previous buyers or not, and also you can ask your friends if they were through the similar promotion of their channel. 

But paid options are not all that you need for success. You can buy YouTube dislikes, thumbs up, commentaries, subscribers and whatever you want else, but you’d still have to work very hard to reach decent results.

Paying enough attention to posting regularly, communicating with the audience and finding ways to cooperate with other vloggers as well to exchange the audience can lead you very far without even having to regularly buy paid options.

But those can give you a hand of help in times when it seems the hardest — everybody meets the plato from time to time and it’s hard to get out of that stagnation by yourself.

Dislikes count on Youtube - Vip YT

If you have made the decision to purchase a paid promo option, don’t rush into it and make sure that you have time to think it through and plan everything ahead.

Before you even start you should know that it is best to buy subscriptions that would deliver thumbs up, thumbs up, commentaries and other types of stuff to your profile once in a while — for example, once a week or once a month even.

Yes, this type of subscription is also quite handy, although some people prefer buying a certain number of signs of disapproval or thumbs up once and then come back for more to pick exactly the package they want by their own hands.

But forming the subscription is also great — the number will stay fixed and you’ll be getting exactly the number you need, but without any problems and quite organically.

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