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How to turn off comments on Youtube

A wanting to turn comments off in YouTube might come from different situations when people need to know is there a way to set personal boundaries and separate parts of life that they don’t want other people to talk about.

And that is totally fine — video can be very informative and can be very contradictory and people who create those videos don’t want to live their life completely and totally behind the eyes of the viewers.

For that, they might temporarily or permanently turn off the commentaries to make sure that their audience (which can include people who aren’t that friendly) doesn’t have a chance to say something that can hurt them.

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Or the channel itself might not assume the presence of comments — let’s say it is a strict news channel, videos from which are mostly forwarded, not discussed. Or it is a channel on which certain goods and services are reviewed or demonstrated.

In general, this is not so important — what is important is a person’s desire to turn off comments and make the environment more friendly for himself or for his audience.

So, how do I turn off the comments on a YouTube channel? It’s easy to do and it is switchable — all you need to do is go to your art studio (press on the dots button near your main picture in the top right corner and pick studio) and look to the left.

There will be a menu with a dozen of options. Pick the community settings from them. In this tab you will see the option that will allow you to disable the commentaries. After you remove or set the checkmark, the deal is going to be sealed. People won’t be able to leave you commentaries anymore. 

But before doing that, think twice. Negative notes are notes as well, and it is quite important to always have feedback from your audience to be able to quickly develop your channel. If you’re going to have none, it’s going to be hard to understand what your audience actually wants from you.

Plus, many people turn off the commentaries, and then they run into the problem of having not enough commentaries, and so they go for using a chance to buy YouTube comments — and there is nothing wrong about it, but you need to realize that you’d have to spend money on that as there are no good services available for free. 

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So if you are going to close the lack of comments that you may have due to past unsuccessful actions or just like that, think about everything in advance.

How many comments do you need, when and why — and try to make this campaign look as natural as possible and not make other people suspect you of cheating. It won’t benefit anyone, but it can ruin your reputation.


How to turn off comments on YouTube app?

You have to do the same thing as if you were disabling the commentaries using the web-version. Go to the studio and find community settings. From there you will be able to disable the notes.

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