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Hide Youtube comments

Hiding YouTube comments using Chrome extension, Firefox or a mobile app on iPhone or Android isn’t possible — but what you can do is disable them and make people unable to leave you any new commentaries. This is basically the only way of dealing with unwillingness to have notes under your videos. 

How to hide YouTube comments 

But before that you should seriously think about whether you really want to conceal the YouTube notes on videos from public. All in all, certain notes can be very helpful to your channel’s reputation and can uplift your clips in the eyes of random people who have just come on your page and who are thinking whether they want to follow you or not.

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In social media positive feedback is the most precious thing ever and you should nourish it as actively as you can — when you gain a positive note, make sure to thank the person who’s left the commentary and maybe try to participate in a short friendly discussion with them. 

Can you hide comments on YouTube?

The only way to hide commentaries without deleting them is to disable commenting for the channel in general. There are no settings that would allow you to make commentaries invisible but to still be able to see them and see what people think of your content.

You should choose the side: if you want to view what people want to say about your videos, it is better to keep them visible and stay in connection with your audience. Yes, managing a section with positive and hateful notes can be hard sometimes, but it is worth the results.

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If you see that there are still not enough commentaries in the section, you can buy YouTube comments from a decent website that sells real notes from real people. Those are the only conditions to meet if you decide to use the paid services; plus, make sure that the price is adequate and average.

Don’t fall for free offers (except trials), because those will bring you some kind of trouble. Be careful with what you’re buying and never do it without clear purpose. If you’re thoughtful and if you keep working on your content at all times, you will see positive changes coming very quickly!

Even if it seems to you that it is not worth investing money in such nonsense as paid services — think about what results you can achieve with them both in the short and long term.

If you don’t understand where to start, it’s always better to first consult with the manager of the site for the sale of comments and thumbs up, and only then make decisions about the purchase.

Remember that you have nowhere to hurry and this whole process should become more routine than a one-time thing. When you start regularly feeding your channel with purchased comments, subs and likes, you will see that the concept of a plateau for you will cease its weight. 


Why do people hide their comments YouTube? 

Sometimes this becomes a good way to isolate themselves from the hatred that’s often seen online and to make sure that they are creating the judgment free environment for their audience. There are cases when comments-free channels can be counted as the most safe and friendly ones. 

How can I hide comments from one person on YouTube? 

The only way is to block this person from your channel and your profile, so they won’t be able to view any of your content and leave you notes as well. To do it, go to the person’s page and press on the more button near their main picture. There you will see the blocking option. 

How to hide live comments in YouTube live stream?

To disable the notes during streams, you have to go to the community settings and pick the option to disable live chat. After you remove the checkmark, people won’t be able to leave you commentaries while you stream.

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