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How to enable comments on Youtube

When you want to enable comments on your channel our first advice would be to think whether you even need to do it or it is just an impulse that you have got from gaining negative commentaries.

All videos get those sometimes and it’s okay — but in case you have deeper reasons for wanting to remove the comments we’re going to tell you how you can do it quickly and easily.

To find the needed setting you have to go to your page and look up the button that says studio. On the studio page look to the left, there under your main picture you will be able to see the list of options, one of them is going to be community settings.

Press on it and there you will get a possibility to turn off the commentaries that were bothering you for so long.

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But before you do it, hear us out: if you’re thinking about development of your page, it would be way better if you’d quit the decision to turn off the comments and would learn how to manage them easily.

You see, everybody gets negative feedback and sometimes it’s not worse than the positive one. Everybody needs that on their channel or profile sometimes, as people who are following you definitely have something to say about the content and it shouldn’t be positive all the time. 

Of course, if the commentaries are super negative and bothersome, those shouldn’t stay on your page; you can block and report the person who has left them.

They won’t be able to get on your page from that moment and on, plus they might get their account blocked by YouTube completely if they have been doing something seriously bad. To make that happen you can ask your loyal audience to send reports about this person to YouTube techs as well. Usually it fastens the process and helps a lot.

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And if you have changed your decision, we’re glad: but what if you have not so many notes under your videos in general? Don’t you want to fix that? Luckily, today you have lots of options of how you can do it.

The easiest and the quickest one would be using a chance to buy YouTube comments, but if you decide to do it, you have to be ready to spend some time checking several things before purchase. 

Make sure that you’re buying real commentaries and that those will come to your from actual people and not from bots. Make sure that you’re not leaking any of your data and that you’re taking on the suitable number of notes; too many are going to be bad for your profile, because those won’t look natural to your already existing audience. 


How to enable comments on YouTube live stream? 

When you want to remove the commentaries from the YouTube live stream, you have to find the community settings button in your art studio and delete the checkmark near the words messages in live chat. After that, you will stop getting messages while streaming. 

How to enable comments on YouTube app? 

The same way as we have described in the body of the article. App and web versions have almost no difference, maybe the location of some buttons varies.

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