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How to tag people in Youtube comments

If you’re using YouTube as a social media platform and not only a website where you can watch videos, you should know how you can tag a person in a commentary. For someone who’s willing to participate in a dialog this is a key skill to pull off — and in this article we’re going to tell you how do you tag a fellow quickly and without a problem.

On YouTube people are usually tagging each other in the beginning of the commentary — to do it, simply put the name of the person you want to tag in the format @username. Make sure that you type it in correctly, otherwise it won’t work.

You can also change the style of the text, you can tag the time in the commentary and give links to other videos and resources — but if we are talking about the links, be careful, as these can mess with YouTube’s safety system and commentaries with them can get blocked and taken away from the section.

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If your channel have met the problem of lacking commentaries and people just not willing to post anything, there are decisions for that problem: first of all, you can easily buy YouTube comments in order to create a vision of an already successful and astonishing channel that engages people into its life.

It’s not a surprise that people still judge other people’s success by the feedback that they get, by reviews of the product and by the comments about the content. And this is why you should seriously take care about the commentaries that you get under your videos.

Make sure to moderate this section as well — if you’re getting hateful commentaries, don’t leave them hanging, answer them or ban these users from your channel. 

Don’t forget to cross post and maybe tag your friends in commentaries under your videos to get some lively feedback. You can ask people for help directly as well, don’t be afraid to seem obnoxious. If they won’t want to participate in your channel’s life, they can simply refuse.

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