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Download Youtube comments

What do you might need to download all the comments from your YouTube channel for? There are many reasons, yet the most common out of all them would be analysis of the video content that you’re posting and figuring out how to make it better.

This is why some users search for opportunities to bulk download all the commentaries into one sheet. They cannot do it with the livestream content, but it is possible for the common videos on their channels. 

However, the main question is — does YouTube offer such an option built into its system? Sadly, it doesn’t. “But what if I want to analyze what’s been happening to my channel? Shouldn’t social media give some kind of instruments for that?”

Well, some other platforms do offer such tools, but YouTube doesn’t — when you want to figure out what’s been happening to your content, you should use some kind of chrome extension and operate by YT web version, or you can turn to help from the paid services and websites.

Youtube comments in excel - Vip YT

And it works just great, moreover, some services give a chance to analyze the channel complexly and even add something to it: for example, you can buy YouTube comments and forget about having to analyze the situation.

You’d be having enough commentaries at all times, no matter what’s happening on your channel. The only thing you should worry about is that these commentaries have to be written by real people who are in charge of what they are saying and can be on topic with their words.

Bits cannot do that, so you should avoid buying commentaries from the companies that are using fake and dead accounts to help their clients. 


How to download YouTube comments?

There is no way to download YouTube commentaries through the YouTube platform itself. In order to make it, you need to use a paid service or a website that offers YouTube channel analytics options. 

How to download YouTube channel comments?

The only way to do it is by dint of a paid service or a website that shows services of YouTube channels’ analytics.

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