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How to add emojis to Youtube comments

How do you put emojis in YouTube comments? These symbols are a great way to add some emotions into the text and show people how you really feel about something; that’s why people have started to use them on YouTube so frequently.

However, if you want to insert emojis into a commentary using your PC, you’d have to spend some time on figuring out how to add a specialized keyboard to your computer, because we know that normally our PCs don’t have that preinstalled.

All in all, today you can find lots of different options and various keyboards with emojis that can help you on social media, but if you’d like to save yourself some time, we’d recommend using your phone or a tablet for that.

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If you’re worried that your channel and your videos don’t get enough comments with emojis and people don’t think that your content is valuable and appealing, you can actually solve this problem really quickly: by using a chance to buy YouTube comments.

Some companies even offer their clients to specify what type of commentaries they would like to see on their pages, and if you find one like this, you can use this option as well. In general, all types of commentaries are great for somebody’s channel’s statistics.

It doesn’t matter if those are text ones or emoji ones, all you need to do is find the promo company that sells real commentaries that come from actual people and not from bots. 

How do they make it possible? Well, a decent promo company finds a way to work with actual people who don’t mind helping other people with becoming more popular on social media for a nice reward.

They get all sorts of coupons and can take part in beneficial actions that a promo company offers them; all of that becomes possible for them after they leave a like, comment on something or become somebody’s follower. Yes, this is that easy, and everyone is satisfied with what’s happening.

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So if you’re seriously bothered with what’s happening on your channel and you’re lacking some activity, don’t hesitate to buy commentaries and thumbs up and forget about your worries once and for all.

You can also take a consultation from a manager who’s working for the company you’ve decided to cooperate with. They can give some nice advice and guide you through the variety of services offered on the website. 


How to add emojis on YouTube comments PC?

When you want to add emoticons in a YouTube commentary on PC, you’d need to download a special keyboard that will have emojis included in it. 

How to add custom emojis to YouTube comments?

If you want to add custom emojis, you can look up their codes on side platforms (the combination of buttons that will create an emoji after you press them) or download a specific keyboard that includes these emojis.

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