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How to hide subscribers on Youtube

Sometimes we just need to conceal a certain type of information from our channels and profiles — it might be hiding subscribers on YouTube or concealing the count of thumbs up, whatever you might want to do, this platform gives you a chance to moderate your privacy settings.

Can you hide your followers without using any additional hacks and turning for help from the side services? Yes, it is possible — the number of followers is easily hideable in settings, and we’re going to tell you how exactly you can do it further.

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So, if you don’t want your audience and your competitors to see how many viewers you’ve been able to gather, you can easily discreet them: for that go to your channel’s profile and find the button settings.

Then go to privacy and find the button “hide the number of subscribers”. From that moment and on nobody except you will be able to see how many people are watching your videos regularly. 

“But what if I want to grow my number of followers? And I’m willing to hide it now just because it is too small?” If this is the reason, you shouldn’t feel bad about it. Thanks to today’s progress, you’re able to sufficiently shorten the time that you’d waste on gaining your first thousands of followers here.

Promo services and websites give a chance to buy YouTube subscribers not just because: it is due to the high demand that comes from people all around the world. Beginner creators need help: the more time passes, the more saturated the niche of online blogging and vlogging is.

And this is why you should seriously consider purchasing followers if you see that you have a downfall in their number.

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But remember that this is not it: you still have to put lots of effort into generating high quality content that would engage your people and make them feel special. And: if you’ve decided to take on paid services to improve the situation on your channel, you have to combine several types of services for the best results possible.

For example, when you want to increase the number of your followers, pay attention to the views as well — if you will have 1000 subs because of the paid promotion and 10 views on each video, it is going to be quite suspicious, don’t you think? 

Plus, there are also paid comments, thumbs up and even dislikes that you can take on for the better, more balanced look of your channel. If you have any doubts in what exactly you should do, consider talking to the specialist and figuring things out before you jump into the world of paid promo.

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