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How to disable comments on Youtube?

Do you keep getting inappropriate comments on YouTube and you’re tired of it? Want to disable them once and for all to stop running into people who have no clue about the rules of decorum and don’t want to do anything about being fine with other people’s content?

Today it’s possible on any YouTube page and you don’t have to waste your time and nerve on people like this anymore. You can use your mobile app for that or the web version of the platform, it doesn’t really matter actually.

Can you do it and in addition benefit your channel? Well, that’s another, a bit more tricky question. Let’s see…

How to disable comments on YouTube video?

You cannot disable certain notes in YouTube (you can report them, but it’s another thing to do — report doesn’t delete the commentary from your page once and for all, it takes time for techs to check what’s happening), but you can disable all the commentaries on your videos. How? 

To do it you should go to your art studio, which can be found in the menu that drops down when you press on the dots button near your main picture. To the left under your picture you will see the list of parameters that you can alter — there choose the commentaries and you will see the option that will offer you disabling them for your account.

Sometimes this is necessary — for example, when the theme of the page is way too contradictory and you just don’t want to see what people think about your content. Sometimes people who are putting forward quite personal videos feel vulnerable and want to disable the commentaries as well.

And it is okay — the only thing that you should keep in mind is that it is better for development when the commentaries are on and you’re learning how to deal with them.

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How? Well, you have all the rights to block and ban people who are posting harassing commentaries on your platform. You are the king of the castle there and you are in charge of the environment that’s being created on the resource.

You create it, in fact. So if you see that somebody is being not that nice to you or other people, you can easily ban them from your page and solve the deal easily and quickly. Don’t close your account for all the people just because several of them don’t know how to behave.

Communication and different interactive situations are key to quick development of the account, the audience should be lively and chatty, and that’s when they will start to spread the word about your content. 

And if you notice that you don’t have enough commentaries, you can buy YouTube comments for your page easily and quickly using the help of the professional promoters. They usually organize the websites where you can come and choose whichever package of notes, thumbs up or subs that you need to develop your profile.

If you have any questions about how effective such a purchase will be, it is better for you to seek help from the SMM manager or at least from the manager of the site where you are going to purchase comments or something else for your channel.

Often people overestimate the amount of paid services that they really need and may even accidentally harm their account with too much flow of fingers up or notes in their profile. This rarely looks natural and can seriously damage the reputation.

So don’t feel like you’re cheating if you’ve made a decision to buy some; this is just a development that thousands of youtubers have gone through before you. Good luck!


How to disable comments on YouTube live stream?

To do so you need to go to your studio once again and find the tab settings community. There, find the tab messages in the live chat and set or remove the checkmark near it. It will state whether you want people to send you messages during lifestreams or not.

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