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How to see my Youtube subscribers

If you have just made a decision to create a channel on YouTube, you might be wondering: “Okay, I’ve posted my first video. Where are my subscribers and how do I view them?”

In this article we will tell you what you need to do and where you need to click to see the subs and how you can make them come on your account quicker than ever.

Youtube subscribers - Vip YT

So today in YouTube you can see all the followers that you have: for that you need to go into your creative studio and click on the tab main page. There, in the very center, you will be able to see who’s following you. The big number under the words page analytics is saying how many people have decided to be subscribed to what you’re posting.

There is some additional data available on this page so that you could figure out how many people have watched your videos in general. If you’re trying to promote your account, this is a very important thing to know. 

But if you are trying to really promote your account qualitatively, we would strongly recommend that you use more metrics to assess the status of your channel. It is important for you to know which country you have the most viewers from, which gender and age prevail, and at what time of day your videos are most often viewed.

All this is important in order to choose the proper time and the proper topics for posting, and so that you are one hundred percent sure that you are doing everything right. If you are new to YouTube, it would not be superfluous to hire a channel manager.

This person will help you not only with the correct targeting of content, but also with collaborations and cooperation with brands, which very often happen on YouTube, since the video format is most convenient for companies.

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You can make YT a source of your income — videos can be monetized, and you can receive a monthly “salary” for creating them.

The only thing you will need to pay attention to is compliance with all the criteria so that monetization is not removed from you. Sometimes it can be quite difficult, and novice vloggers regularly struggle with how to shoot videos that are “safe” in the eyes of the YT algorithm.

Nevertheless, the result will worth it — because in addition to collaborations with brands, for which you can also receive money, YouTube itself will pay you. And here you are, with a full-fledged job online!

How to view my subscribers on YouTube

So yes, on the YT app you’re also able to view your own followers whenever you want. Those can be seen after you press on your icon in the top right corner and then choose my channel in the list of options that you are given.

After you’re redirected to your account, you can see the number under your name. This is how many people are following you now. Is the number too small, normal or you’d simply like it to be bigger? Well, this is what you can fix straight away if you want to. How?

You can buy YouTube subscribers to make other people think that your account is already huge and successful! And no, they won’t know about it.

Count of subscribers - Vip YT

All you have to do is find a good company that sells options for promoting pages on social networks. From them you can buy not only followers for YouTube, but also other options for other pages on social networks.

You should use this if you want to properly promote your brand or your persona online. Do not forget about cross-posting, as it plays a crucial role in the rapid promotion of content.


How to see your subscribers on YouTube studio?

The number of your YT subs is shown at the very center of the main page of the studio.

How can I see my subscribers on YouTube mobile?

Click on your icon in the top right corner of the screen, choose my channel. The number that you see under your name is the current number of your subs.

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