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Fake Youtube subscribers check

How to check how many fake users are subscribed to this or that person on YouTube, or even to you? Unfortunately, the platform itself does not make it possible to understand which of the subscribers is fake and who is not, but it can be easily done on your own if you have time for it.

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How to distinguish a fake from a real user? As a rule, fakes and bots are registered under strange usernames with long numbers — and they either don’t have avatars, or they have stock photos on them. Of course, if the person who created this profile tried harder, it will be more difficult to cast — but the main indicator is always the activity of the profile.

See if this profile has liked videos or created playlists, if there are published videos of their own. If none of this is there and the main profile information is a little strange, it is almost certainly not a real person in front of you. 

Sometimes it is almost impossible to distinguish a fake profile from a real one — and then third-party services that offer channel analytics of cool quality can come to your aid. They collect data about all subscribers, including the date of their last activity, and this information can be very useful to you to understand who is on the list to get rid of.

There are even very advanced programs that make lists for deletion themselves — it is especially convenient and fast to use them. But you must be careful: among such services there are those that can steal the customer’s personal data, and then use them for their own purposes.

Therefore, always carefully read all the agreements under which the services ask you to tick the check mark.

But why are fakes bad in principle? The fact is that they only burden your account with their number — let’s say you can have a million subscribers, of which half are bots. What’s good about that?

Absolutely nothing: your statistics will be lame, since there will be much fewer views and likes than there are people subscribed to you. And this only means to YouTube that your content is not being watched enough and is not being evaluated well enough. How do you fix it?

You should get rid of all the fakes and then buy YouTube subscribers that are going to cover that hole in your subscribers list and that are going to be real and effective.

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There are websites and services that allow you to purchase such promo options — but make sure that you’re buying from a decent resource that has nice reviews from previous buyers and that can give you technical support in the process. That’s very important, because sometimes promo campaigns face difficulties that you have to solve as you go. 


How to check if a YouTube channel has fake subscribers?

Unfortunately, there is no automatic way that you can check whether a YouTube channel has fake subs or not: you can only do it by hand, visiting each profile and looking for suspicious details. Or you can turn to third-party services that gather and analyze data about YouTube channels and profiles, including their last activity.

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