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Youtube comments strikethrough

All of us are using certain typing styles while writing YouTube comments to put an additional meaning to the words we’re putting online. Italics, bold, underline and strikethrough are the formats that we apply to text to make it more visually attractive and emotional of a kind.

If you are a frequent commentator, you should know how to make the text in the comments (or in the caption to the video, if you are the creator) crossed out. Fortunately, this is done very easily and can also be easily canceled.

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In the next paragraph we are going to give you direct instructions on how to make a strikethrough in your commentary’s text, so keep on reading!

How to do strikethrough in Youtube comments 

So, how to make a strikethrough in a Youtube commentary? To cross out the text, add hyphens (-) around a sentence or a word. For example, in the comments box it would look like this: “This is -nice- brilliant!”

As you see, we have added hyphens around the word nice, so after you post this commentary this word is going to be crossed out, while the rest of the sentence will remain normal.

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To undo the strikethrough you should edit your commentary and remove the hyphens that you’ve used around a certain word or sentence.

On Youtube the editing process is quick and simple — you need to find the video you’ve commented on (it can be done through your comment history where all of your notes are being held), find the comment itself and press more. It will allow you to choose to edit or to delete. 

If you need to combine several typing styles in order to achieve the needed result, the bad news are you cannot combine the strikethrough with anything else, but the other styles are quite compatible one to another.

For instance, if you want to make your text bold and italics all at the same time, you should do this: “This is *_nice_*”. In this case the word nice is going to be put in bold and in italics all at once. The same goes to underline, bold and italics in any possible combinations.

Don’t be afraid to experiment a little bit, the commentary can be fixed or deleted quickly and easily. 

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How to remove strikethrough on Youtube comments?

If you are going to remove the strikethrough on a Youtube comment, press the button “more” next to the commentary and choose “edit”. Remove the hyphens that are put around a certain word or a sentence and confirm the changes. After that, the text will become normal again.

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