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How to bold youtube comments

As a rule, comments on YouTube are a huge number of dim letters and words. However, you may have noticed that some of them stand out for their brightness. Surely you wondered how to stand out from the gray mass. Now we will tell you this!

How to make youtube comments bold

Most likely, there are times when you want to make your statement, link or some letters in bold. YouTube provides the ability to write this way using special characters. To highlight comments, use an asterisk («*») — *Bold*. With this method, you can highlight individual words or paragraphs.

Youtube comments - Vip YT

If you use this life hack, then you will have more opportunities to draw attention to yourself and to your opinion. This is ideal for those who want to participate in a broad discussion of an issue and get feedback from other users.

How to type bold in youtube comments

You already know the way to make your observation on YouTube video bright and eye-catching. It turns out it takes very little time to find out how to type bold face comments. Voila, you will be noticed by other users!

You probably know that YouTube also allows you to make italic typefaces. But is it possible to combine these two methods and make the letters bold italic? Unfortunately, this cannot be done at this time.

As soon as the service provides an opportunity to combine effects, we will immediately inform you about it! Therefore, do not miss new articles on this site. In addition, here you can buy YouTube comments for your channel if you want to promote it faster and gain an audience.

How to bold text in youtube comments

As we said, you need to use special characters to get a nice comment. This is a fairly simple method of drawing attention to your statement, which very few people still know about.

Edit comments on Youtube - Vip YT

If you have already sent the text without a bright effect, then you can format it after sending it. To do this, click «Edit» and add the desired characters. You can see how to do this in the picture below.

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