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How to block subscribers on Youtube

We all need the possibility to make our space private when we want to — it applies to social media as well, as here we sometimes get our privacy and safety seriously bothered by strangers.

How can you block subs on YouTube and moderate your online environment however you want? Yes, surely. YouTube gives several options that you can apply to people who’re bothering you.

Block user on Youtube - Vip YT

“How do I block a person?” That’s the main thing that you can do to someone who’s leaving you aggressive comments or dislikes to each video that you post. You can easily get them away from your channel by going to their page and clicking on the button that looks like a flag. After that they won’t be able to visit or find your profile on YouTube. 

If that is too much for you, you can simply hide this person’s commentaries away from your channel — it can be done by finding the commentary that you find unnecessary or bothering and press on the three dots button next to it.

YouTube will give you an option of hiding this note from your channel. Click on it and nobody else will be able to see this comment on your video’s page.

Report user on Youtube - Vip YT

If blocking, on the contrary, isn’t enough, you can also report a person and if your report would be serious enough, the YouTube technicians team can even consider banning this person away from the platform.

That doesn’t happen too often, as there should be a very serious (and preferably multiple) report to make it happen. So, when you want to make sure that the person will be banned, you can ask your audience for help as well. They can also report a bully and add some special details to the case.

Increase channel on Youtube - Vip YT

If after blocking some people you see that the number of your subs has decreased sufficiently, you can quickly fix that by using a chance to buy YouTube subscribers. It might seem like an extra step towards success, but it is worth taking if you’re into quick results.

Why wait for months or even years to gain enough subscribers to be able to say that your channel is big enough for whatever you’re planning? You can do it now: pick the package that suits you and gain as many followers as you want almost overnight.

Make sure to make that purchase suitable to your account size — that’s very important to not raise any suspicions from your already existing audience. 


How to block some of your subscribers on YouTube?

You should manually go to their pages and click on the button that looks like a flag. There you will be given several options, one of them will be “block user”. Choose it to remove a person from your channel and make them unable to visit it or find it online. 

How to block subscribers on YouTube on Android app?

Exactly the same way as if you were using the web-version. Go to the person’s profile and click on the flag button. You will see the blocking option straight away.

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