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How to find your comments on Youtube?

When you want to find all of your own old comments on YouTube, you can do it by going to one certain place in the YT app or web-version. It’s not hard and that is exactly the place where you can view the commentaries that you have left under your videos or clips of other people. No need to remember what it was, everything is gathered literally in one tab. 

We would also like to say, that notes under videos from other people play a huge role in the development of the page on this social platform — the live section says that you are interesting to other people, that it is fascinating to follow you and that your videos have some value that distinguishes them from other people’s clips.

And this is worth a lot today — people are chasing unique content and will read or watch something only if they are sure that it will bring them some benefit personally.

Therefore, it is necessary not only to concentrate on creating this very content, but also to make sure that it is validated — and if this does not happen (for various reasons), it is necessary to do so in time so that the visibility of validation is created.

So, how do you find them? Very easy: go to your profile and find the button with the dots in the upper right corner near to your picture. Press on it and you will see the options for my channel and studio. Both will do, choose any of them and proceed.

After that you will see the list of your videos (if you have uploaded them to your channel) and your commentaries that you have written on your and other people’s pages here.

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If you’re trying to track your comments in order to figure out how is the communication with your audience going, and you see that there is not so much activity and you cannot do anything with it, you can use a mighty hack that’s called a chance to buy YouTube comments which will fulfill all your needs in gaining enough notes under each video that you post.

Fortunately, today the sphere of online promotion has evolved seriously and you don’t need to worry about gaining enough of thumbs up, subs and commentaries: all of those can be bought from a decent promo website that would gladly offer you their hand of help. 

But you should always remember, that bought services aren’t the panacea to all of your problems: if you have low activity, you should take on paid services and concentrate on generating more interesting and involving content right after.

If you see that people are not so engaged in what you’re posting and give minimal feedback, think of how you can better your interaction with them and cross-post, attracting more people to your YouTube platform.

Think wisely and never buy too much of paid services, try to create the natural and organic look of your profile’s development. 


How to find out if your comments were liked on YouTube?

If your comment has a heart shaped symbol standing next to it, it means that it was liked by some other person. 

How to find your comments on YouTube app? 

When you want to find all of your commentaries on the YouTube app, you should go to your main page, press on the button with the dots next to your picture in the top right corner and pick my studio. There on the left you will see the list of options, pick commentaries and you’re done.

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