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How to check your Youtube comments

If you’re an avid YouTube user, you should know where you can see all of your own comments that you have created on YouTube. In other words, where you can get access to the history of commentaries that you’ve written on various channels of the YouTube platform. Yes, it’s possible and it is quite easy.

On YouTube you have such a department that’s called art studio — if you are a content creator this is where you’re going to see all of the videos that you have uploaded, and if you are a regular user, there will be gathered all the commentaries that you’ve left.

To see them, press on the dots button near your main photo and then choose the studio. After that, you will see a new page with a menu of options on the left. Pick the commentaries and read through all the notes that you have created.

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Yes, it’s that easy! Bet you were trying to find the notes by hand, reminding what were the videos that you’ve commented on. Or were you thinking about the comments because you’re trying to develop your page on YouTube and you see that there are not quite enough notes under your clips?

The situation is fixable, actually. All you need to do is buy YouTube comments from a company that sells quality promotion services. Yes, there are, unfortunately, many scam websites today that put their clients at risk of data leakage or wasting the money over nothing.

But if you look carefully, you will be able to find something that’s going to cover all of your needs in nicely written commentaries that are going to be on theme as well. 

This is the main condition to meet if you’ve made a decision to include the paid services into your life. The notes that you want to buy should come from actual people who have agreed to cooperate with a company that does promotion. If the company is using bots, you should avoid working with it and look for another resource to take on notes from.

However, before even doing that you should sit down and plan everything ahead: how many notes you need, when do you need them and what are going to be the consequences if you purchase a certain number of notes in a certain time.

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Don’t hesitate though, thoughtfully picked promo services will bring you positive results only, nothing bad will happen if you buy the service from a reliable website. If you have friends who have gone through something like this, ask them for advice — they might give you a clue on where you can purchase quality notes and thumbs up and subs for your videos. 


How to check your liked comments in YouTube? 

When you want to check them you’d have to go to history and manually go through each video that you’ve viewed. YT currently doesn’t have a section where all of your favorited notes would be gathered. 

How to check your YouTube comments on mobile? 

The same way as we have described in the body of the article; you need to go to studio and there find the commentaries section.

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