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How to edit Youtube comments

Can you easily and freely edit your comments on YouTube if you have changed your mind or decided that you don’t want to say what you’ve said some time ago? Yes!

Today’s social media gives all the opportunities to those who are keen on using them, and changing your mind is okay, so as editing the commentary. It can be done quite easily — so if you are interested in learning how, just keep on reading this article. 

How to edit comments on YouTube 

So, you need to find a particular commentary that you have left some time ago and edit it — what’s the quickest way to do so and where can you view all of your commentaries on PC or in app?

To find them all and to not have to remember what was that video that you have left this commentary under, you should press on the more button near your main picture in the top right corner and pick the option studio.

There, if you are a content creator, you can see all of your videos, and if you are a regular user, there will be various settings and some options for you to utilize for advanced YouTube usage.

Look left and check out the list of options that you can take on — there you will see the option commentaries. Click on it to see them all and have quick access to each one for editing or deleting.

Youtube comments - Vip YT

We bet you’ve thought that it is going to be harder. But you see, today social media try to take care of each and every need that their user might have. The only thing that’s not so great still is an ability to efficiently and quickly promote the channel that you’re posting your videos on.

If you would do it naturally, it will take you weeks or even months to gather the demanded number of subscribers, thumbs up and commentaries.

But you can fasten the process up a lot by dint of paid services — for example, you can buy YouTube comments to make your videos seem more popular and interesting to other people. If each of your clips has at least 10 comments, it’s already better than having none at all, isn’t it? 

But if you are still going to buy such services, you need to understand what exactly and why you are doing — sit down and plan the exact number and time of delivery of all these comments, fingers up and subs (yes, it is better to combine several promo options in one promotion).

You need to ensure that this promotion looks as natural and natural as possible for the surrounding users. Then people will have no doubts about your competence and reputation.

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