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Block Youtube comments

Blocking YouTube comments might mean two different things — the first one means that you can actually block a person who has left you bothersome commentary and the second one means that you can actually remove all the notes from your page to make sure that the environment on your channel is judgment free.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using Chrome, Firefox or Opera — you still cannot do it with adblock and to succeed you’d have to tackle some settings in YouTube itself. 

How to block comments on YouTube 

So, how to block comments on an app? For livestreams it’s quite easy: you need to go to your studio and find the tab community settings. There, disable messages coming into live chat and voila, you’re isolated from annoying messages that people are sometimes sending while other people stream.

It helps to concentrate on the topic and helps with understanding whether you need to enable them once again or you can keep on like this further.

Comments on Youtube - Vip YT

Can you remove a certain person? Yes, if you want to block a specific user, you should find a spam or a bothersome commentary that has unsettled you and go to this person’s (or bot’s) page. There, press on the three dots button near their main picture and choose the option block and report.

You can do that to all the people or fakes who are showing influence on your comments section, but if you feel like there is too much spam or too much negativity under your videos right now, you can permanently turn off all the commentaries for your page.

To do it, go to the studio and find community settings once again. There choose disabling the commentaries for your channel.

Youtube comments - Vip YT

But if you are oriented on the promotion, think twice before making that step. Negative comments are still comments, as well as spam ones (if those don’t contain links, this is dangerous to the audience and has to be moderated).

It’s better to purge the section by hand always and keep the commentaries on for your page. Plus, you might even see that there are not enough notes under your videos; and that’s when it’s going to be best to buy YouTube comments and cover your need in feedback from your audience.

Yes, it is kind of fake, but it will efficiently help you with promoting your page and making it more appealing to other people. 


Why does YouTube block my comments? 

YouTube usually blocks the commentaries in two cases: if it contains links (it will block them temporarily to check what kind of link you have put into your note) or if it contains something harassing and violating the rules of the community. 

Can someone block my YouTube comments?

No, nobody but YouTube techs can block your comments. But people can report them if they see something prohibited or bullying in them — so be polite and kind to everybody in the comments section and if you’re criticizing something, try doing it constructively.

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