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What do likes do on Youtube?

When you first log on YouTube, you might have a ton of questions about how things work. What does a like really do on YouTube and how it can affect the statistics of the videos? And what are dislikes for? Does it have any big effect on the statistics or are views more important?

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There is no short answer to this question. If you’re trying to decently develop your account, you should pay enough attention to the fact of how many likes you’re getting. But it’s not that important for people who are just putting forward some videos for fun and giggles.

Likes are secondary to the views in general, and YouTube algorithms mainly rely on how many plays your stuff has been getting, thumbs up and dislikes are the thing that you as a creator should orient on more to figure out what type of content you should be making next.

However, these can affect the amount of plays. How? 

You see, people are trying to check out exclusively the content that has already gained some sort of positive validation — in the world like ours, where there is just too much information to consume, you have to set a certain filter for yourself to save time and efforts.

And for most people such filters are other people’s likes. Yes, it might seem not so fair, as some people might want to give you dislikes just because (for example, your competitors and their supporters), but you shouldn’t feel overwhelmed because of that.

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If the situation gets hard, you can always take on some help from the side services, such as using a chance to buy YouTube likes. But how is it going to help me, you might ask, if those are fake?

Well, there are different likes available: some of them are fake, because they come from bots, and some are real (these are the good ones!), because they come from actual people.

You have probably already guessed which ones of them are recommended for a nice promotion: if you purchase the thumbs up from actual people, you will be able to positively influence your statistics without putting too much effort into it. 

But you shouldn’t forget that those aren’t enough for quality promotion and quick results. You should put efforts into creating quality content and combine paid likes with other services, if you’re seeking support from the side. Don’t forget that while feeling sad about not getting enough thumbs up from your audience — that’s fixable. 


What do you get for likes on YouTube?

Thumbs up on YouTube give you nothing but other people’s approval. Silver, golden and diamond buttons are given for the number of views, so you should orient on them first if getting them are your first priority.

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