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How to delete subscribers on Youtube

Any social media profile implies constant monitoring of who your subscribers are — and sometimes you really need to delete subs on YouTube. For one reason or another: sometimes because too many bots have accumulated.

And sometimes because you start getting too frequent negative reactions from certain people in the form of comments or dislikes. If there is such a trend, it is best to nip it in the bud and remove people from the list of your followers.

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“How do I delete subscribers on YouTube?” If you want to remove your followers, there are several simple actions that you need to do. But before that think twice: do you really have to get rid of those followers who are leaving you negative commentaries

Maybe you’ve heard of it already, but black PR is also PR, and it’s neither better nor worse than the usual one. If you’re sure, we’re going to tell you how to remove subscribers in the next paragraph. 

How to remove subscribers from YouTube

So, can you remove subs on your channel? Yes, totally. “But how do I remove all my subscribers or several of them?” Well, YouTube doesn’t have a button for mass deleting your followers, but you can choose the ones that you find necessary on your profile and get rid of them manually, going through them by hand.

There are two ways of deleting the unwanted subs, basically, you can do it either through comments section, or through your subscribers list. 

First method is great for people who are dealing with negative commentaries under their videos. Go to your channel, find the video that was “attacked” by those people and tap on the three dots next to the negative comment.

There you will see the option “hide user from channel”. From that moment on they won’t be seeing your content in their feed and won’t be able to leave any negative notes as well.

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The second method requires working with the subs list, or, to be exactly clear, working with the setting of customizing the channel. Click on this button to get to your followers list and there you will be able to see everybody who’s following you.

Go to the pages of people whom you want to remove from your channel and press on the flag button. There you will be given a list of options, one of them is “block user”. Press on it to block the person and make them unable to find your channel, watch the videos and leave commentaries under them.

If you feel like this is not enough, you can also report user — it is necessary in the cases when a person leaves very negative and offensive commentaries that can harm not only you, but other people in the commentaries section as well.

Stay strong behind your channel’s safety and try to create an environment that’s friendly not only to you, but to your audience as well.

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And if you notice that after deleting several (dozens, hundreds?) of subs you are lacking them, there is a quick fix for that as well: you can buy YouTube subscribers and close the hole in your subs count. You only have to make sure that you’re purchasing nice quality followers, real ones, otherwise it is going to be just a total waste of money.

If you doubt the exact number of subs or the timing of your promotion, make sure to talk this over with the manager of the website where you’re going to buy these subs. 


How to delete private subscribers on YouTube?

The same way as if you were deleting your regular subs — by going to their profile and pressing on the flag button that will give you a chance to block or report them. 

How to delete subscribers on YouTube app?

There are no differences in deleting the subs using the app or the web-version. You need to find the person who is bothering you and block them on your channel. 

How to delete inactive subscribers on YouTube?

First you need to find out who is inactive on your channel — for that you can either search for bots by hand or turn to help from the side services that offer channel analytics and can figure out which accounts that are subscribed to you are fake.

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