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Youtube losing subscribers

There are times when YouTube channels are losing subscribers — it doesn’t matter if those are old or new, lost subs are always hitting hard on any profile’s reputation. On YouTube this is the most important sign of validation: the more people are watching you, the higher are your chances of decently monetizing your blog and making it thrive.

That’s why some people care about the subs even more than they care about the views: if a new potential follower sees that a page has more subs than the other one that they’re interested in, they will probably choose to follow the one with the most subs. Why even choose, you might ask, follow all! Well…

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In today’s life we barely have time for ourselves, and when it comes to choosing the type of content that we’re going to consume, you really have to pick the best things possible. And that’s why people are going to choose: and if you want to win that competition, you need to come prepared.

If you’re noticing that you’re losing subs on YouTube, you really have to grip that situation and make it change for the best — for example, you can add more interaction with the audience you have, ask their opinion about what they want to see on your channel and draw conclusions out of that.

If you don’t feel like spending more time on your profile’s life, you can pick an easier way. For example, you can buy YouTube subscribers and cover the hole in your statistics. It is easily and quickly done, doesn’t take much effort and time, it only takes some investments in your account’s well-being. 

Why do I keep losing subscribers on YouTube

“But why am I losing so many subscribers? What’s the reason at all?” Somehow we don’t always understand what’s happening, although there have been some major changes that could influence the audience’s behavior.

For instance, you could change the format of the videos, or you could change the frequency of the uploads. You might not have done even put too much meaning into it, but people are noticing all of those little things and making decisions according to them. 

However, in some situations stopping the unsubscriptions is just not possible. And that’s when a side service with a possibility to buy subscribers could really come in handy. If you decide to use such a service, you will not have to worry about how many subs you gain daily.

You can use a subscription, thanks to which a certain number of followers will arrive at your account every month or every week, and this will greatly strengthen your account and even allow you to experiment with content the way you want, without any losses.

If you understand that your channel has to go through certain adjustments, this is a great way to insure yourself and not sacrifice the statistics of your content.

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In any case, even if you are a complete beginner and notice that you are losing an audience, you should not panic. In social networks, even paid promotions take place in waves — you first gain new subscribers, then lose them, and so on in a circle.

This process depends on too many factors that cannot be fully known and predicted in advance. More precisely, only a professional can do this; if you need such accurate answers to questions about your channel, we recommend contacting an SMM manager.


Is it natural to keep losing subscribers on YouTube?

Yes. If you have run into this problem for the first time, don’t worry — the wave of unsubscriptions will soon change and you will be gaining followers again. It all depends on the schedule of your uploads and people’s tastes and decision to follow less or more people. 

How to check if a YouTube account is losing subscribers?

If this is a huge creator’s channel, you can try to search for the articles that are written about the growth of certain accounts — there you will see how many subs they’ve had during a certain period of time and how that changed. If we’re talking about a small account, you can check the number of subs several times a day to see the trend. 

How to stop a YouTube channel from losing subscribers?

Try communicating with the audience and asking them what they think about your content; if that doesn’t work, try to upload more often and participate in a collab with a bigger vlogger.

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